XBOX CHART: Modern Warfare 2 crashes out

Today's official UK ELSPA/GfK-ChartTrack Xbox 360 chart isn't as FPS friendly as last week's.

Not only does Halo: Reach drop down one position into No.3 - but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 drops out of the Top Ten chart completely.

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TrevorPhillips2791d ago

Good. Modern Warfail 2 doesnt deserve to be in the top 10 anyways.

Oldsnake0072791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

a game which came out 1 yéar ago dropped out the top ten.

seriously Activision knows how to market their CoD games. It's really awesome how do their buisiness. I think I am gonna buy some Activision shares early next year. Because we all know what's comming fall 2011.

karl2790d ago

MW2 can suck my B**** thats all i came to say

DelbertGrady2791d ago

Sniper: Ghost Warrior at #6 was a bit surprising.

InTheKnow2791d ago

I rented this game a couple of weeks ago and it was unplayable??? The guys just stood around with there arms at there side, even when they were firing? I didn't even have a gun showing on screen...WTF...I really wished it worked because the game play would of been alot of fun. The slo-mo long shot, like you see in Sniper elite ( Last Gen game ) never gets old.

Did anyone else have a problem like that??? I tried reloading, different 360 with and without the update and the same problems.

MGRogue20172791d ago

... It's newly born baby brother will be all over the charts soon, It's just a matter of time. :D

plb2791d ago

For some reason I just don't believe that. No CoD at #1 on 360? I'm pretty sure it's held that position since it's release apart from maybe the day Reach came out. Cool to see FIFA there though. Great game but I play it on PS3.

-Alpha2791d ago

It's the UK charts. They love their Football

Cartesian3D2791d ago

its time for you to learn.. we call it footbal.. in england they call it football , and they invented it .. all people except north america call it football

they playing with their foot for god sake..

Snakefist302791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Its Football!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.