Gears of was 3: Brutal video shows Serapede in the new Beast mode

Watch the new gameplay footage of Gears of War 3.

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movements2512d ago

Say what you will, but this is one Xbox 360 exclusive I'm looking forward to.

Echo3072512d ago

Nobody can fault you for being excited about a game. :-)

Even though the 360 exclusive lineup is dwindling, I'm glad I own both major consoles. Best of both worlds. :-)

movements2512d ago

Yep, same here - own both.

riksweeney2512d ago

>I'm glad I own both major consoles

How are you going to play GOW3? It's not out on the PS3 or Wii

(Oh come on, you walked right into that one)

cayal2512d ago

I am about to buy Gears 2, time to get into it since it's really cheap now.

Eamon2512d ago

It's good to be a multi-console owner. =)


@ riksweeney

But the Wii is not a console.... it's a digital, virtual exercise device for people to shy or busy to go to the gym.

sorry, just had to..

TheMART2512d ago

@ Dark Witness

I'm pretty sure I play(ed) some of the most awesome games on my Wii this year... :-)

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Tatsunoko vs Capcom

and upcoming

Epic Mickey
Donkey Kong

Thats more awesome exclusives than the PS3 and 360 have combined this year almost... Because awesome on the PS3 was GOWIII and upcoming GT5 (boooo for a delayed LBP2) and the 360 had Alan Wake (no Halo fan, neither a Fable/RPG fan thus also Mass Effect 2 not my kind of game, certainly not because I don't dig Star Wars kind of games) and the upcoming XBLA titel Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet...

So yeah... As much as I'd like a Wii HD and play them in 720p, best exclusive gaming is on the Wii this year IMO.

Truth though, many jumping turds on a wii balance board...

Glad I own a Wii, 3 x 360, 2 x PS3 (with the fatty jailbroken for all those emulators for old consoles) and 2 x PSP


cereal_killa2512d ago

GOW3=God of War 3 is on the PS3 you must be thinking of Gears3

WhittO2512d ago

Yet ANOTHER Youtube video converted into their sh*tty player.

Jaces2512d ago

Cannot wait for this one, Gears and Mass Effect are the only two games I really get excited for when it comes to my 360.

Good thing I have enough time to play through the first two :D Found Gears 2 GoTY Edition for $14 not too long ago, score!

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sack_boi2512d ago

Immortal, Trebius You guys are so bad ass. Can I has Your babiez?

lexington2512d ago

well i have both consoles so I'm really looking forward to this one. Looks absolutely amazing. Wow.

inveni02512d ago

They've finally got the graphics feeling "next-gen", and like something that can compete with some PS3 exclusives (not that they have to). I hated the first Gears, but that's why I went with PS3 instead of 360. I have a different taste in games. I'm happy to see that someone is finally stepping the 360 exclusives up.

inveni02511d ago

Five disagrees? I'm sorry, but if you say that this: http://www.videogameszone.d... doesn't compete with some PS3 exclusives, you're an even bigger PS3 fanboy that I. That shot looks pretty freak'n sharp, if you ask me.

Myth2511d ago

Looks better any ways.

Motorola2511d ago

It looks cool. I like GeOW.

PtRoLLFacE2511d ago

me too i own both, well 1 and half of the other cuz one just die on mee

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gamerzBEreal172512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

im so scared about it i hope they make the shotty like it was in gears1 and the sniper a bit easier (better scope) and WAY more weapons would be nice to have classes and character customization to ...gears2 was like the biggest dissapointment this entire genaration for me so i gusse we will wait in see

outlawlife2511d ago

gears 1 shotgun was terrible, so inconsistent and really no better than gears 2

the sniper should not be easy, it is a skill weapon...if the sniper is easy everyone uses it and exploits it...look at call of duty

gears 2 campaign was awesome, the multiplayer was not well thought out or balanced in the is much better now though and hopefully they have learned

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InTheKnow2512d ago

If Anyone has a link, could you please post it. This site seems to be down. Here's a link for a preview...

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visualb2512d ago

its looking great! I love it how you cn play as aliens =)

avengers19782512d ago

Gears is one of the great gaming franchise in this generation...That being said The first one was better than the Second so for those getting 3 they should hope that it is better than 2.
I played the first two before my second 360 failed so I won't be buying a 360 just to play Gears 3.
It does look amazing, and will be Great enjoy your Franchise.

DatNJDom812512d ago

no matter what system its on. Gears 3 looks like its gonna be a great game. Just fix the freaking bugs EPIC!

KillerBBs2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

And it looks like crap. Res is high but what is it, a spider or a Mario Cart. I applaud adding more game types and maybe one day Gears will have a wonderfull game selection like COD.... but I wouldn't hold my breath. They'll make game selection into a lame vote like Halo Reaching.

Playing Gears is like an old Black and White movie... fix the frame rates and everything will fall into place.

Halochampian2511d ago

Your comments relate to your Display pic.

I feel the level of IQ are equal.

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DelbertGrady2512d ago

That was brutal. And amazing.

TheSadTruth2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

They got me with CoD 5 Then Halo 3 Then GoW 2 Then MW2 Then Halo Reach.. now I'm going to take a stand against never ending IPs!

Eric Barrier2511d ago

There is nothing wrong with sequels as long as they are good. And Gears of War 3 will be a good sequel. Trust me.

The real killer2512d ago

Was that all? a insect that crwaling and kill some enemy ?

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jwk942511d ago

He's got a point though, it wasn't much, just crawling around and killing people, i would've rather had a cutscene or a normal multiplayer match.