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Enslaved: If we like it, there'll be a sequel

So there will be a sequel.

Ninja Theory, Enslaved developers have also announced the new Devil May Cry. With Enslaved on the brink of going on sale, one can deduce that the team have only DLC for Enslaved and DMC wo work on. (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, PS3, Xbox 360)

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zombiedredd  +   1835d ago
The demo was superb. Can't wait for release!
Ron Jeremy  +   1835d ago
too much babysitting,i was never scared of falling
that fear you had in u2

the story seems amazing though so ill get this when it hits bargain bins
Kurisu  +   1835d ago
"the story seems amazing though so ill get this when it hits bargain bins"
And that's why Ninja Theory didn't do Heavenly Sword 2 :(
hellsere  +   1835d ago
no way day 1
Darrius Cole  +   1835d ago

Wrong. Ninja Theory is not doing a Heavenly Sword 2 because, as they claim, they could not make money from selling 1.5 million copies.
Croash  +   1835d ago
@ Darrius Cole
Exactly, that's what he said. If people got Heavenly Sword from bargain bins, Ninja Theory couldn't make money :/

Enslaved is a day 1 for me!
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Darrius Cole  +   1834d ago
My point is that its pure BS that they couldn't make money from selling 1.5 million copies of their game. If they lost money after selling 1.5 million copies then it is because of their incompetence or someone's dishonesty. Heavenly Sword was a new IP, releasing in the first year of its console's life by a third party developer. If they spent so much that they had to sell 2 million copies in order to break even, then they are stupid.

But I don't buy it. Someone on this site said that Ninja Theory was already broke and near going out of business when Sony saved them by picking up Heavenly Sword. I believe that person because his reason is the only explanation that makes sense. The notion that a developer lost money on a game that sold 1.5 million copies is absurd.
Ares84PS3  +   1835d ago
The demo wasn't superb.
It was an ok demo.

Didn't they said the same thing about H.S.???

I loved that game. Where is H.S. 2?
dredgewalker  +   1835d ago
To be honest I didn't like the demo. The character felt to loose when running, the camera is awful for combat and the story is nothing to write about since it's a westernized Journey to the West. Just my personal opinion and you can disagree with me but I don't really mind cause I'm not forcing anyone to agree.
zombiedredd  +   1835d ago
Lots of people reckon the same.
I hope it gets more difficult.
coolfool  +   1835d ago
This article in the last paragraph seems to think that doing well is based on critical reviews but we all know that what the critics think doesn't really have anything to do with it.
zombiedredd  +   1835d ago
lol. conspiracy :)
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r0gueZA  +   1835d ago
the camera bothers me a bit...little bit sensitive.

other than that its day1 for me
hellsere  +   1835d ago
Dmo was of the hook
albel_nox  +   1835d ago
Enslaved is a definite day 1 buy for me but I'm not sure it will sell enough to get a sequel.
r0gueZA  +   1835d ago
I dont hey, I think will sell okay. Although I dont know what sort of figures they would want to deem it 'good sales'
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1835d ago
Well if it doesnt sell good i wonder who they will blame now.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1835d ago
I blame the English department at your elementary school.
Shield  +   1835d ago
Pompous & Immature
I blame the upbringing at your home.
dkgshiz  +   1835d ago
NT are basically babies.
I highly doubt this game is going to have amazing sales. So don't expect a sequel.
BYE  +   1835d ago
If the game is as casual as the demo, it should do well.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1835d ago
Can't wait!

I loved the demo!
versusALL  +   1835d ago
I getting tired of Team Ninja and there whinning, I don't know anything about the cell power of ps3, and etc. but I know one thing, I don't hear any other developers whinning ahout it. Now, on to the subject, I won't be getting Enslaved anytime soon, maybe when it hits the bargin ben, the demo to me was average, combat felt like a chore, and the platforming felt too much like Uncharted
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enkeixpress  +   1835d ago
The demo was very epic & great camera work.. but how long is the actual game? & will there be something to do after completing the story?

That's the only stopping me from buying it on day one.
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Shield  +   1835d ago
Now & Later
For me it was a tossup between Enslaved and Castlevania. I chose Castlevania for now, I'll play Enslaved later.
Skynetone  +   1835d ago
amazing first level
ok i had a hard time believing he could grip onto a flat wing, in a head wind,

unfortunately the controls are stuck in animation land, playable, but still not tight enough for me

why do dovelpers go to so much trouble making a game, and put in such obvious control faults

i sure hope they make a sequel, with better controls
cliffbo  +   1835d ago
great gfx's but poor game play ie cannot fall of a ledge does the jumps automatically can beat anything too easy so i hope it does not get a follow up unless they are going to fix these issues.
trane07  +   1835d ago
I used to adore ninja theory
All the way from their Kung fu mix days. (anyone remember that game on xbox??) But now I really don't know. All of their babble on blaming others for their financial woes was annoying and all their "going exclusive is suicide" tripe makes me look at them a little negatively.

Every gaming developer goes through their hardships when they make a game and they go through serious risks ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GO EXCLUSIVE, but don't go off the negative end just because your game didn't sell as well as you thought it would and then talk junk about other games and "difficult and complicated" the system is that you built it on.

You didn't voice your negativity when you made Heavenly sword (which is one of THE TOP DOGS on the ps3) so why are you doing it now? Because it didn't sell that well? Who's fault is that? It was your guys' decision to release it at a point where it cost a damned killing, and when ps3 was unfairly looked at as the laughing stock of the gaming community.

Cmon be humble about it. AND to top it off you guys turned dante into a pussy.
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