Enslaved: If we like it, there'll be a sequel

So there will be a sequel.

Ninja Theory, Enslaved developers have also announced the new Devil May Cry. With Enslaved on the brink of going on sale, one can deduce that the team have only DLC for Enslaved and DMC wo work on.

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zombiedredd2757d ago

The demo was superb. Can't wait for release!

Ron Jeremy2757d ago

that fear you had in u2

the story seems amazing though so ill get this when it hits bargain bins

Kurisu2757d ago

And that's why Ninja Theory didn't do Heavenly Sword 2 :(

Darrius Cole2757d ago


Wrong. Ninja Theory is not doing a Heavenly Sword 2 because, as they claim, they could not make money from selling 1.5 million copies.

Croash2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Exactly, that's what he said. If people got Heavenly Sword from bargain bins, Ninja Theory couldn't make money :/

Enslaved is a day 1 for me!

Darrius Cole2757d ago

My point is that its pure BS that they couldn't make money from selling 1.5 million copies of their game. If they lost money after selling 1.5 million copies then it is because of their incompetence or someone's dishonesty. Heavenly Sword was a new IP, releasing in the first year of its console's life by a third party developer. If they spent so much that they had to sell 2 million copies in order to break even, then they are stupid.

But I don't buy it. Someone on this site said that Ninja Theory was already broke and near going out of business when Sony saved them by picking up Heavenly Sword. I believe that person because his reason is the only explanation that makes sense. The notion that a developer lost money on a game that sold 1.5 million copies is absurd.

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Ares84PS32757d ago

It was an ok demo.

Didn't they said the same thing about H.S.???

I loved that game. Where is H.S. 2?

dredgewalker2757d ago

To be honest I didn't like the demo. The character felt to loose when running, the camera is awful for combat and the story is nothing to write about since it's a westernized Journey to the West. Just my personal opinion and you can disagree with me but I don't really mind cause I'm not forcing anyone to agree.

zombiedredd2757d ago

Lots of people reckon the same.
I hope it gets more difficult.

coolfool2757d ago

This article in the last paragraph seems to think that doing well is based on critical reviews but we all know that what the critics think doesn't really have anything to do with it.

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