Lara Croft - Nude

One of the best in-gags in gaming history is the "Lara Nude Cheat." For all the old Tomb Raider games, Core would leak a cheat that claimed to turn Lara naked. In reality, once you'd managed to pull off the complex moves, your only reward was to watch your heroine violently explode with a scream, her arms, legs and head flying off in different directions.

Gone are such innocent times, thanks to the mod scene. Now you can have Lara look any way you wish in TR: Anniversary (sorry console owners, you need the PC version to see Lara's birthday suit). You can use your own skills to create an outfit, or download pre-made togs from All you need is TexMod, and the costume files (with the extension .tpf) which can be found at the sites provided.

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SuperSaiyan44136d ago

Absolutly pathetic and I aint approving this garbage!

boi4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

chill out...

not everything has to be serious you know...have to tak eit easy at times...

anyways lol with the PC on any game its sooo goood

EDIT: damn didn't knew your a fanboy...anyways ermm yea chill out

rev204136d ago

Then your constant bashing of anything to do with sony/playstation and xbox is always greater, cos lets be honest half of it is absolute crap

Vip3r4136d ago

We can't help it if you like the guys Sayian.

Excalibur4136d ago

She's not nude.
All I see are black

Dreamworker4136d ago

warning when i tried to watch the video

boi4136d ago

what virus...i had none...

ooo wait...can it be your 1st??!!

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