Treyarch Confirms Mod Tools

Prepare for plenty of custom content to be accompanying the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, as the games developer, Treyarch, has confirmed today that the game will be opened up to modding. Though details on exactly what modding tools will be made available remains unclear, developers are planning to focus on the tools after the initial game’s release.

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MMFGaming2758d ago

It's pretty amazing how Treyarch is committed to fixing every single mistake Infinity Ward made. It's like they have a checklist or something.

toaster2758d ago

That checklist is pretty damn long. The mod scene on PC is alive and well, and tons of old games still get played because of mods.

imvix2758d ago

Gotta second that, Games like starcraft, warcaft 3, CS are still doing very well.

3yr old games like Team Fortress 2, which are essentially dead on console are doing very well on PC.

Modding only adds value for money, plenty of that on the PC platform.

WildArmed2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Does that means mods 4 consoles too! (like Unreal Tournament 3 did it)


Yeah, i do hope Sony does get something out of this like that.

Mods are a big + to the game.
W/ mods like game modes and new perks (limited to the modded server that is) being available it'd keep the game alive for a long time.

Dramscus2758d ago

Pretty doubtful.
From what I hear about xbl it wouldn't fly with micro$ofts online rules for third parties.
It would work on the ps3 but as is quite apparent in the gaming world activi$ion seems to like micro$oft more than sony.
So unless sony starts adopts the common business tactic of bribery from those two companies we won't see it there.

In all seriousness though
Although it would be a good idea for sony to buck up and go over to activison, sacks of money in hand and beg for mods on the ps3.
From a purely business standpoint it would be a good idea to have that as a console exclusive feature.
I don't even like cod games but I'll admit it sells well and the console companies need the game. If one of them could get exclusive mods they would be given a large boost in console and game sales on their side.

r1sh122758d ago

I dont think the bribery thing is completely accurate.
More people play Call of Duty games on the xbox than the ps3.
So why not add some extra support/DLC to the console which has more players?
I agree with what you say, but there are more call of duty sales on the xbox than the ps3.
Mw2 sold significantly more on the xbox.
But it wouldnt matter, eventually hacks are gonna make it to the xbox.
It could take 1 hour,1 week or 1 month, but they will come.
THey always do

imvix2758d ago

One of the reasons Consoles may not be getting mods, Activision made alot of money from the console base selling DLCs. If modding was allowed then the DLC sale would take a hit.

WildArmed2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Actually, you're right.
There point right there is just the nail in the coffin for mods on consoles.

Thanks for your intelligent input!
*bubbles to you*

Dramscus2758d ago

@r1sh12 From what I hear about xbl it wouldn't fly with micro$ofts online rules for third parties

As copied and pasted from my last post.

Most devs say xbl is very constricted. It's why valve jumped ship to ps3, I can't remember who else said it but they have.

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DoctorXpro2758d ago

I always prefer IW over Treyarch, but looks like that is about to change.

DelbertGrady2758d ago

I'm going to wait until I've played the game before I decide wether Treyarch have succeeded or not. They've never one-upped IW before but it would be great if they did.

ford10012758d ago

it is very good that they are learning from IW's mistakes to make a better game, who know's MW2 could be the last we see of IW.

wicko2758d ago

I doubt that we won't see more from IW. But I do like what Treyarch has done, and to be honest I would call those mistakes Activision's mistakes, rather than IW's. I sincerely doubt they supported removing mod support from their game.

Nitrowolf22758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

So all platforms? cause i see PCDev then i see Dev Console
it would be sweet i am hoping they go down Unreal tournament 3 route and have mod made for pc and can be exported to the console version

MMFGaming2758d ago

I'm guessing it's just for PC. Would definitely be a first for console users.

Proxy2758d ago

The term "dev console" usually refers to a command line interface you can bring up in a computer game (often using the tilde ~ key) to interact with the game in special ways.

PhantomT14122758d ago

Well console dev is the official term for the cheat code console.

ford10012758d ago

yes it is only for PC, sorry my computer must of lagged when i was clicking the buttons and clicked all of them from fury

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