Kane & Lynch: Dead Men GC 2007 Street Shootout Cam Gameplay

Kane and Lynch get their weapons ready to do some damage.

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THC CELL3745d ago

i see a few bugs in this game

hope they sort that out

xaphanze3745d ago

wouldnt imagine it being that lame in co-op mode

Blackmoses3745d ago

the biggest bug was seeing that lady walk in air for a couple of seconds, other than that cool looking game. Co-op is gonna be intresting. That level seems to be a lot of opposition coming your way.

AliC3745d ago

Looks average to me, actually got bored of watching the fight as the sounds and game play where repetitive.

Scenery seems fixed, cars don't blow up when a grenade is thrown at them.

xaphanze3745d ago

grenades dont blow at all lol

Crazyglues3745d ago

yeah those grenades are a real problem... that was like the worst I've ever seen in a video game

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The story is too old to be commented.