All New Devil May Cry 4 Screenshots

Brand new batch of Devil May Cry 4 images. Click the jump to view all the full size screenshots

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HeartlesskizZ4132d ago

A multiplatform master piece.

SuperSaiyan44132d ago

If the actual game looks more like that when you play it then awesome stuff, however the current videos of the game being played well which are a bit old look cack.

Watkins4132d ago

Not that good looking.
Look at the face texture for example, it's all plain.

Rooted_Dust4131d ago

It's an overhead action title...who cares about facial animation? It's not like it's an FPS. The real stuff you should be worrying about is environments and animations.

PS360PCROCKS4131d ago

Looks pretty good. I love DMC even if it is harder than hell at times. But I have noticed I HATE japanese made games for their teeth. MGS has the same effect, their like so perfect it just looks weird, it's like their always angry. Not sure why it annoys me lol just does.

Rageanitus4131d ago

I bought DMC3 for the ps2 (special edition) due to the hype. So dissapointed. Finished the game and througout the whole game It felt too boring.

But then again that is my opinion.

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