GC : Kojima talks Rumble, MGS4 and MGS:O

Speaking in front of a packed forum at the Leipzig Games Convention, Kojima showed off the recently unveiled "Beauty and the Beast" enemy unit-monsters who were formerly human.

Responding to one question, the Kojima Productions team said that it's possible that the recently announced Metal Gear Online, which runs on the MGS4 engine, would be included with MGS4. The issue of PS3 rumble surfaced, as one attendee tried to get confirmation of rumble features in MGS4 (thus a confirmation of rumble adoption by Sony).Kojima didn't comment on the question, instead passing it onto Imaizumi, whose carefully worded response also caused the audience to chuckle. "You know, right now we're only making it for PS3. We don't have a plan for Xbox 360 for now."

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Juevani4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Are'nt u guys sick of that same question?? if the guy wants to realese the game on the 360 he'll do it nomather what sony or other people say, thats it, stop askin questions every 20 sec now. and lets just enjoy the new trailers =)

Update : what ya'll think about [Prototype] ??

cloud3604133d ago

yeh i totlaly agree. u know why,. sony pictures enetertAainmet a creating a MGS movie.

also sony pictures creating nect resident evil movie,. if they had a deal they cud have got resuident evil 5 to be exlusive ps3

vidoardes4133d ago

Why did this get approved? It's a duplicate story, all of the info can already be seen here

Taker_1294133d ago

It's a joke because he knows no matter what they say, you are not going to believe them.

Naruto4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Exclusive to PS3 nuff said

Lightning Mr Bubbles4133d ago

Who knows you know, if the game tanks they might need more sales and port it over to the 360 for more sales. But this is overblown. 360 won't have any MGS4 power.

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