Top 5 Games That Never Left Japan

If you've played Persona 3 Portable, you may already know about our buddy Vincent, the two-fisted drinker who made a cameo at the happening Club Escapade. After the releases of Persona 4 and Demon's Souls, Atlus’ newfound popularity gives me confidence that Catherine will make its way to us eventually. However, I've been hurt before by Atlus and so many others, with five of my favorite games never localized to English.

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ObsidianSpire2629d ago

I want all the games on this list NOW!

Neckbear2629d ago

What an incredibly wonderful game. At least we got that Fan Translation.

mokmoof2628d ago

Yeah, fan translations are such a force for good in the world. Come on, Ganbare Goemon 3!

bastiartadi2629d ago

That the ultimate edition of FFXII didn't make it here. Bought my copy overseas what it was just released.

domo3252629d ago

Dragon Ball looks pretty good. Hope to see that eventually here in NA.

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