GC: First screens of 'Hello Pretty', Eidos' Highlander game

Eidos parent company SCi has been sitting on a Highlander license since September 2004 and it's taken it nearly three years to finally unveil its first Highlander title (under the Eidos brand).

Highlander will be a third-person action-adventure that finds you strapping on boots as an Immortal who is battling rival Immortals through the ages.

It's not mentioned if it will actually be Connor MacLeod/Nash who we'll be playing, but Eidos does say that the game features 77 characters, some familiar from the movies and TV series, some new.

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Genki4132d ago

but I've always thought that a Highlander MMO would be a good idea. It would probably be better suited for consoles though, because it would obviously be more twitchy and action oriented than traditional MMO's.

Anyway, good to know that some kind of Highlander game is coming out.

USMChardcharger4132d ago

hey, not a bad idea. be cool if there was some way to actually battle it down to only one left...then it would reset and start over. don't know how you would do that.

Genki4131d ago

All of the top immortals for the month, quarter, or the server, or SOMETHING could be "drawn to the gathering", battle it out, and the winner gets to choose what they want for "the prize".

VirusE4132d ago

So true.

Highlander 1 is the only thing highlander related that didnt suck hard. 3 was so so, 2 was a disaster and the tv show was worse than Hercules and xena.

GameOn4132d ago

Any one seen the new highlander anime, from the clips i saw it looked awsome.

Pugovitz4131d ago

This game will probably be a steaming pile, but I'll keep track of it just to see.