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SynGamer2818d ago

Awesome. The developers were quick to point out on the forum that this is an extreme case (in the trailer) but they wanted to show would could happen when we play the game. Can't wait to go to Daytona and/or Talladega :D

sdtarm2818d ago

WOW now thats really exaggerated but still looks cool, nascar fans will pick this up but i dont know if other ppl will

-Alpha2818d ago

Well yeah it's a trailer, but it still looks really good. Not a fan of the genre the least bit but it's something new from Activision O_o

SynGamer2818d ago

NOT from Activision, they are only the publisher. Eutechnyx is the developer of the game! You should check out the official forums, the developers actually post there frequently.

dangert122818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


they earned it ;) lol

i was joking taking the piss out of kotick saying you have to earn new games etc
and yep i think your right but i dont think theres enough depth to pull iy off

-Alpha2818d ago

Yeah, I'm aware they are publishing it, but it's still something new I guess.

Funny enough it's one of those games that are expected to have annual releases.

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AtatakaiSamurai2818d ago

Need to see more actual gameplay footage but from the little i saw that looks hot. nascar fans have had to wait so long and now they get flooded with all these nascar games even as psn down load games.

SynGamer2818d ago

DaveT, one of the developers said the following shortly after the trailer went live;

"The trailer is made with all in game assets."

Revvin2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Thats a purposely misleading statement to make. That can mean anything from using actual game engine footage to just using some 3d models from the game in the CGI promo. I have their PS3 titles, they make good games but have never really been renowned for pushing the boundaries of graphical quality.

MGRogue20172818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

'round & 'round & 'round & 'round... *sigh*

Gran Turismo 5 makes NASCAR fun again! Just think of the online multiplayer :P

damnyouretall2817d ago

dude there is only 8 cars on the track in gt5. how is that a good nascar game? im not a big fan of it, but having a steering wheel and acually playing it is really fun. i cant wait cause ea really sucked at making nascar games

MRHARDON2818d ago

Activision is gonna milk this to kingdom come.

SynGamer2818d ago

Activision is merely the publisher, they have nothing to do with Eutechnyx aside from distributing the game, thankfully :)

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