PS3 Move Has Little Chance This Christmas

We so wanted Sony to have a good shot at this year’s Christmas season. But Sony has an incredible talent to shoot itself in the foot. The PS3 Move may be the best example yet.

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Jamie Foxx2792d ago

so clearly its obvious to see where his loyalties lie

fanboy journalism the cancer of gaming

N4PS3G2792d ago

His only "article" of who needs blu-ray is not even an's story that quotes Microsoft's response about the blu-ray format.

Not Reading the cancer of gaming ;)

Cratos87802792d ago Show
wkern2792d ago

I actually felt that it made sense. I am not so happy with Move either.

Godmars2902792d ago

Are there ever going to be non-bias, non-flambait Move/Kinect articles from no-name sites?

Either they're the second coming or a failed flop.

lonix2792d ago

What this guy would write about kinect

All_4_One2792d ago

Meh, not even going to read it. Move has already been a success to a certain extent.

Bigpappy2792d ago

Compare it to the Wii and then to Kinect. It may win over some of the core gamers who may actually find it simple to use. But win the casuals? No way.

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