Black Ops Jeep?

Rumours are circulating about a Call of Duty Black Ops themed Jeep. According to a product line report in the Wall Street Journal, the car giant could be planning to release a Black Ops themed Jeep Wrangler. Oh and spoiler alert, the vehicle is planned to be the “Hero” vehicle at the end of the game.

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velocitygamer2791d ago

Activision must be really desperate...

ATi_Elite2791d ago

I'd rather have a Starcraft II Boeing 747 than a Jeep.

Besides most Jeep owners are out mudding and being very active versus sitting at home playing video games.

ASSASSYN 36o2791d ago

Does it come with the game?

ford10012791d ago

It would be heaps good if it came with the game but sadly it does not :(