Blue Ray Technologies Responds Strongly to Controversial Paramount/HD-DVD Deal

Blue Ray Technologies responds to news that Paramount and DreamWorks Animation have accepted $150 million to drop Blu-Ray distribution, a move that has sparked great controversy in the multi-billion dollar film and DVD industries. Erick Hansen of BRT calls it an act of desperation by HD-DVD, which is in grave danger of losing the Hi-def format wars, as indicated by retailer and consumer preference.

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SuperSaiyan44136d ago

There is no danger, HD-DVD will win just you watch ;-)

Babylonian4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Only to see HD-DVD going down flat-hard on it's face. Dude where do you live? Wonderland? Blu-ray has more marketshare and sells more discs than HD-DVD, and even now that Paramount dropped Blu-ray, it still has more exlusives studios behind it than HD-DVD has.

It's all wasted money from Toshiba (and maybe Microsoft if they helped a hand with that money). It's a last sign of desperation from HD-DVD. Paramount knows this too, It wants a share of the money before HD-DVD is gone. Why the hell do you think that they won't recall back the Blu-ray movies that are already on the shelves. MONEY. After the exlusive agreement is expired it will go back supporting Blu-ray again.

Let's also not forget that the Blu-ray association felt stepped on it's toes by Paramount's desission and is now going fullscale on finishing it once and for all, because their fed up with Toshiba's and Microsoft's crap of trying to keep this format alive.

To refresh your memory, all the major arguments you HD-DVD guys had for this fading format were: Headstart in the race, cheaper price, even more cheaper units from China, mystirous "1000" titles from Universal and many more crappy arguments.

But Blu-ray still prevailed nonetheless and is now dropping the nuke. But don't listen to me, buy as much HD-DVD units and disc as you can so I can laugh at you right in the face for pratically burning your money for nothing.

cuco334136d ago

do like me, support dual formats. no one's winning the war. and if a winner were to prevail it'll be when the NEXT format comes out and is unified, cost effective, upgradeable, cheap for the consumer, and have all studios supported.

well HD DVD already does all that but the last one... BR has dropped the ball and continues to do so with their STILL yet unreleased 1.1 profile (and they have 2.0 on the back burner!) which means every stand alone BR player will be obsolete. ps3's BR attachment rate is NOT what studios thought they would be. expect many more studios to switch sides or go neutral.

RadientFlux4136d ago

don't really care about either format but found it amusing that the source is from a site called

so you know it full of unbias info ;)

WilliamRLBaker4136d ago

man the BDA is in hyper damage control STILLL!...

Babylonian4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA nuff said. Or better yet, Excelsior!

Dude seriously, stop taking drugs.

MaximusPrime4136d ago

transformers is a cheesiest film ever. Thanks goodness it'll be going to hd dvd.

We have spiderman Ha HA Aah aha

Marona4136d ago

I actually liked Transformers a lot....

DaEnforcer4136d ago

Transformers is for kids which also love Power Rangers=Halo hehe

doshey4136d ago

everyone has a little kid in them

nomad1174136d ago

i wonder what michael jackson did to his lol he had that one coming

Figboy4136d ago

i'm 28, a huge Blu Ray supporter, and i *LOVED Transformers.

at least they didn't completely bastardize my childhood memories (like a certain Dolph Lungren/Masters of the Universe flick; and i *WAS a child when that came out! still sucked!)

the fact of the matter, is that Transformers was cool sh*t, and now it's not coming to Blu Ray.

outside of the Spider-Man Trilogy, i was really, *REALLY looking forward to seeing those big robots in HD.

now, i'll just have to settle for downloading a torrent, as i'm not giving Paramount any more of my money.

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