First week sales analysis for Madden 08

The initial numbers for sales from Madden 08's first week of release are in. How did they compare to Madden 07? And why are the Wii sales so weak?

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Mr Murda3924d ago

This goes to show the strength of the 360 games sales in this generation, and the continued strength and growth of the PS2.

There are a lot of people who have yet to move to the next generation. Christmas 07 and 08 will be the deciding factors in this generation.

fjtorres3924d ago

Because Wii owners buy Nintendo games and little else.
Always have, always will.

Rooftrellen3924d ago

There are obviously a few factors at work. Advertising for anything but the 360 version is totally non-existant. You see Madden on TV, and at the end of the commercial, you see Xbox 360 Live. I don't know how much they're getting for that, but it seems obvious that it's hurting their sales on other consoles, because the average person doesn't know it exists!

I guess the Wii isn't bought by the casual gamer as much as some people thought. A football game is more on the casual side of things, but it didn't sell on the Wii, but we know 3rd party games will sell on the Wii if they're good (WE4) or even mediocre (Red Steel), but those are more "hardcore" than Madden, so Wii doesn't seem to have the casual base many people thought.

As a whole, sales are much lower than one might have hoped. Lower sales were to be expected, but it is a lot lower than last year. The decline in Xbox sales and increase in 360 sales were about equal, but no one picked up the slack for the PS2 sales drop. I wonder if that is due to the one sided advertising.

BrotherNick3924d ago

They should do what they used to, and advertise for all systems...based on demographics...I don't think EA is that smart though.

3923d ago
DG3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Madden (this year) is actually a good game. Wow EA actually made a decent game for once. Although it did take them what like 3 years to get it right.