GC: Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Valve Demonstration

Video of HL2: Episode 2 at Games Convention in Leipzig.


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ps1h1ch3839d ago

I'm looking forward to this game, but I just hope that they've shorten or loose the loading times - They were too long in HL2 (played on high end PC back than). Now I'm getting this on console in a lovely packege they've made. Well job Valve.

zonetrooper53839d ago

Wow that looks so awesome, getting the Orange box for PC. :D

October can't come quick enough.

miked8083839d ago

After HALO 3 this is what I'm looking forward to the most.

Capt CHAOS3839d ago

Does anyone know if Counterstrike Source will be in the orange box? I really want that.. I know TFC will be, but would really like counterstrike.

Rooted_Dust3839d ago

Are you talking about the PC version or the console version?

USMChardcharger3839d ago

i said this in a previous article yesterday and did not read if anyone responded. so i will say it again...

it wasn't that long ago, an article on here matter fact, said that the orange box edition will be the only edition coming out.

so everyone saying, "i am getting the orange box copy." has no choice if you want the game...(i am pretty sure this is the case)

does anyone else remember that?

Rooted_Dust3839d ago

Those who buy it on Steam will still be able to purchase Episode 2, TFC 2 , and Portal seperate.

USMChardcharger3839d ago

got you...i thought for the consoles they had canned the other box sets. thanks

so everyone mentioning a choice is probably getting it on pc then.

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