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Submitted by ssj 1885d ago | article

PlayStation Move calibration fails; found a fix

Written by Joshua Harris: I was trying to play the Sports Champions today with my PlayStation Move on PS3 today and I was having a problem with the game calibrating the PlayStation Move controller. The part right after you start the game and it wants you to point the PlayStation Move controller at the screen and press the two buttons. It would fail every time. I followed the on screen instructions to try and fix it, but nothing worked. I also tried unplugging my camera and plugging it back it. Nothing. I tried playing the Time Crisis demo on the demo disc, but the cursor never pointed on the screen properly. (Playstation Move, PS3)

Nitrowolf2  +   1885d ago
havn't had this issue occur to me yet, however i did notice that option on the XMB today and recalibrated and played M.A.G.. Manage to get 5 kills and 7 death, it takes a lot of time to get use to in M.A.G.
Seijoru  +   1885d ago
This is probably software related.
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TheLastGuardian  +   1885d ago
If this happens it's your own damn fault. He probably was standing too close to the screen. This hasn't happened to me in Sports Champions but I tryed to play the Beat Sketcher demo and it told me to press circle to start calibrating and it wasn't doing anything so I couldn't play it.
SirKen-Kutaragi   1885d ago | Spam
PimpHandHappy  +   1885d ago
i had this issue
last night

it worked today but when i tried to show my boy Eye Pet i couldnt get past the wiggle your fingers part
Soldierone  +   1885d ago
Had the same issue. You cant wiggle your fingers it doesnt work. You have to tap the controller on the ground and it will work.

I had a well lit room and everything, no matter what we did the game wouldnt react to our actual hands, you have to use the controller for everything.
PimpHandHappy  +   1885d ago
it worked
SpaZaA  +   1885d ago
yeah, shaking the controller is far more effective for Eye Pet
KillerPwned  +   1885d ago
Me2 i could not get past that part either tho on sports champion i did not have any problem ill calibrate my move tho anyway just to see if i can get a better response sometimes i have a little trouble once it was a pain calibrating for The shoot demo.
momonaboy  +   1885d ago
"The part right after you start the game and it wants you to point the PlayStation Move controller at the screen and press the two buttons. It would fail every time. I followed the on screen instructions to try and fix it, but nothing worked."

Thats you problem right there, on Sports Champions your supposed to aim the controller at the camera not the tv. I know certain games it tells you to aim at the center of the tv, but Sports Champions says to aim at the camera.
Nathias  +   1885d ago
I meant I was following the onscreen instructions on how to resolve the issue. I pointed it at the TV and the PlayStation eye camera....nothing worked.

Hairy Chewie  +   1885d ago
I've had this problem, no matter what you do it won't calibrate. All I do is turn the contoller of and then back on, works every time.
Nathias  +   1885d ago
Turning it off, turning it back on didn't work for me.

jneul  +   1885d ago
yeah if you fixed it it does not mean the move calibration fails it means that the move controller went out of normal calibration parameters(or you did not point it at the camera), hence you had to re calibrate it in the ps3 xmb, also there is a small hidden button on the move which is hidden, where you can press it to manually reset it if all else failed, if you read the instruction manual you would have known it was not failure but just a simple issue,.
^^can someone tell this clueless person this info
Nathias  +   1885d ago
1. I was pointing it at the camera, TV, dog, everything...nothing worked. I didn't just try to fix it for 1 minute, give up and write something on my site.

2. It's not a simple issue. It was a failure. I have 2 playstation move controllers. 1 has this issue. The other does not. I'm actually going to write an update to the story. Later in the evening I went to play the Move again and I needed to recalibrate it again. I'm guessing its a faulty controller. Because the game won't recognize the controller until after I manually calibrate it again.

So yeah...I'm not a "clueless person".

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Motorola  +   1885d ago
Ive been doing this every day since release except one day maybe. No probs at all with calibration.
ZILLA  +   1885d ago
B.S. it works 100% if you have about 4ft of distance.
Nathias  +   1885d ago
Not sure if you are replying to what I posted or not. But I tried from right next to the camera....moving back various distances and nothing worked. Wasn't an issue with distance between me and the TV.


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