ISM: Sony Forgot To Send You This PS3 Firmware Update (Cross Game Video Chat)

ISM: The PS3 OS has seemed to be a work in progress since the PS3 launched. Little by little, slight improvements were made to the XMB and PlayStation Network overall. Being a daily user of PS3, I'm very appreciative of gaming, general entertainment features of PS3. Those features are great, however…

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saint_john_paul_ii2511d ago

If i recall, Phil Harrison has been pushing for all of these features on the PS3 from the get go. The Big heads though in JP kept denying it though...

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2511d ago

Back then Sonys main focus was Bluray. Now that Bluray has beaten out it's only competition (HDDVD) the only issue now is probably RAM, software and possible a patent.

Motorola2511d ago

Software? Do you live in the same world as us or not? Cheap troll attack smh

n4gno2511d ago

Ram : equal amount and faster than 360, software : more and better than 360, but ok fanboy, more ram would be even better.

Scary692510d ago

I have a feeling that Sony might add cross game chat but only if you are a PSN Plus member. Which would suck but to be honest I don't care much for cross game chat but to each their own.

rwarner1742510d ago


Its not about the amount or speed of RAM. Its about the amount of reserved RAM during game play. The OS cannot tough ram reserved for gameplay or certian software would crash. They need to reduce XMB's footprint or patch existing games. Both very difficult solutions.

Dee_912510d ago

probably saving it for ps4 ..

Heartnet2510d ago

The ps3 has about 30 mb less ram than the Xbox 360 thats why 1 of the reasons multiplatform games look worse on the ps3.. Although they both have 512mb Ps3's OS takes up 30 mb more than the Xbox :)

Syronicus2510d ago

The ps3 has about 30 mb less ram than the Xbox 360 thats why 1 of the reasons multiplatform games look worse on the ps3.. Although they both have 512mb Ps3's OS takes up 30 mb more than the Xbox :)"

So you say it has less ram than the xbox but then show it does not then make an excuse that it uses 30 mb for the XMB that is not in use during game play? You're such an inigma. Oh, and third party games not looking as good on the ps3 is not a ram issue, it's a lazy dev issue.

A Cupcake for Gabe2510d ago

They had a big artical on this. JP cares first about JP gamers. And JP gamers aren't really into Onine gaming, they also aren't big into the Social Networking as US/EU. So they dont really care about that. Sony is coming to the realisation that this is important, and so is Nintendo. Hence all the features that continue to get added. But the one thing Sony truly has over MS, is the quality of exclusives. They focus on the games more than the replay/mulitplayer need that America/Euro have imbeded into their minds that is a neccessity. But we have seen such an improvement in the last year with Sony. I am so excited to see what comes before Christmas 2011.

ALSO: So when is the actually date for the Netflix App on PS3. It's this month, but when???

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MrAwesome2511d ago

The only reason i want cross game chat is so people would stop complainig about it it's always a nice choice to have it but i probably won't use it.

Raoh2511d ago

agreed.. cross game chat is overratted and only hot topic because the ps3 doesnt have it.. unless i'm talking to people in my team i dont see the need to speak too much outside of the game.. as for text chatting, i'm doing it in ffxiv now and have been in online games for years.. not that big of a deal..

but i too hope it comes to every platform new and old so this can be a dead topic..

shoddy2511d ago

I would pay for psn+ for this.

karl2511d ago

i just want it so MS cant charge for live anymore without looking like some cheap greedy bastard

vickers5002510d ago

No, Raoh, no it's not. People WILL actually use it, and the people asking for it don't give two sh*ts about using it as a talking point in fanboy wars.

It seems I must resort to copying and pasting past comments because some people still don't understand why a LOT of users want this. Here is my past comment:-------

Why are people still asking why users want this?

I'll post a link to some of my previous comments on why having the feature is extremely beneficial:

Please actually read the reasons this time on why people want it, so this question can stop being asked, and so comments against X-game chat can stop being posted (there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have it, and would only be beneficial).

And don't just read my comments, read others as well. Having a more social experience online where it's all connected and you don't have to switch to a phone, is a much better experience. Plus it makes setting up games much much easier.

f7897902510d ago

If you want cross game chat it's called Skype. The sound quality is so much better and friends can actually understand you at a normal voice volume.

ExplosionSauce2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

To talk about gaming and industry news?

Honestly, I've only used it 2 or 3 times. It's a nice option, but if I need to talk to my friends, we'd talk on the phone. And if we talk while playing a game, it'll usually be the same game.
Love co-op chat!

I can't stand playing a game while talking to someone about a completely different subject. That's why I stop the conversation to keep playing, whether it's on the phone or cross game chat.
This is just me though.

@ shoddy
Video xchat? Now why in the world would I want to do that while playing a game?

moparful992510d ago

People that claim they "want" cross game chat only think they do.. They have this romantic idea about it in their heads but honestly when I'm at my buddies house and we are playing castlevainia harmony of despair and one of his buddies pops up and wants to party chat. Needless to say not alot of words are exchanged during this time and usually someone ends up leaving.. XGame chat is just a bullet point in the argument that people try to make against the ps3.. I could care less if the ps3 gets it seeing as I'm usually too busy playing my games to care... Come gran turismo 5 alot of things in my life will be neglected and that includes friends....

hesido2510d ago

What people miss is the fact that cross game chat doesn't need to have people necessarily playing different games. We lose connection in the game if the game kicks us, or if we want to leave the server for some reason.. We lose that voice connection as soon as we depart from a game. I'd like to continue speaking to my friends and my brother regardless of whether I'm playing a match or between matches doing other stuff within the same game. Cross game chat is what is needed to provide that.

playboi282510d ago

They are already greedy bastards. Cross game chat is free on the Xbox 360 with silver accounts.

mittwaffen2510d ago

Assuming you have no friends online, its very very useful to get your buddies together while their off playing their own game.

You will all love it.

mastiffchild2510d ago

No, we, they or whoever won't ALL love OR use it. Like on Live some would use it regularly and like it, the majority would use it now and then and a good portion either wouldn't use it at all or, like me, find it just slight bad manners.

It's a funny one as usually I'd say that for people to have the choice of something(even something I find a pain and a bit rude)is always a good thing but the thing is XGC affects people whpo aren't even using it or never wanted to as well as those who love it. Sure, some people can use it and talk to whoever about whatever without losing any focus on their game but most people can't do that and I found a few TF2 games on 360 killed when a portion of either team were yattering away to mates playing God knows what elsewhere-people often can't do both in my experience.

My personal issue with it is that I'd like to give whoever I'm gaming with or talking to my full attention-to me it's just courteous-and, fair enough, I may be a fuddy-duddy over this kind of thing but is five minutes really too long to wait to chat/invite/set up another game?

Look, if I'm in a tiny minority then fine, I'll swallow it but please don't assume everyone wants or would use it because some of us actually plain dislike the feature and always have. It's the main reason I stopped playing TF2 on 360 tbh and, as a result, the main reason I no longer have a Gold sub.

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WildArmed2511d ago

If you keep digging, u'll get something to complain about.

Honestly VIDEO CHATTING is the last thing i want to do while playing a game.

Not to mention how horrible quality you get out of a PSeye if the sun isn't out.
(I've had a PSeye since 08 march).

But on a more serious note..
Where's my trophy room (HOME)? lol

REalistically looking I dont think i'd be readjusting the camera so much anyway.
Unless I'm playing a Move title, then i'd be funny to do video chat.

But again, it's unrealistic because most people's internet can barely handle online gaming.. let alone online gaming + video chatting.

There was a very good reason why Phil Harrison got alot of hate.
"Dec '07 Home will be launched"
Liar D:

ADMIRALcoltgahr2511d ago

VIDEO CHATTING is the only way sony can bypass ms xchat patent. if sony can find a way around ps3 os and deliver it it would a huge 1up on the competition

morganfell2511d ago

What do you expect? Ironstarmovement, dualshockers, care to name a few more that are dragging things down?


I totally agree. I would never use voice xchat, the only thing I want to hear when playing online is my team mates. The text xchat is more than enough to warn your team mates of something when you die, people talking to me while I'm trying to play would only come in the way.

When I'm playing Offline I usually like to follow the story, not to chat... I annoys me enough when someone drop by my gaming room and won't stop talking.

When I'm on PS3 and not playing, needing to have a word with my friend, I can just use the voice/video chat PS3 already have.

I understand some people would really appreaciate it, other are just complaing out of competitive behaviour, but I don't care about it. I'm not aggainst it, more options can't be a bad thing, but I really don't see the need to have this.

Brklynty12511d ago

i want my XMB looking like that XD

FACTUAL evidence2510d ago

Sony has custom avatars too....but now everyone is either a street fighter, or a fuckin sack boy...-.- Sony gimme my dam features for I falcon punch the shit outta ya....

Makidian2510d ago

I have a pretty decent variety of avatars in my friends list but there are a lot of SF and Sackboys. They keep adding them but not at a quick enough pace really.

moparful992510d ago

Still got my launch kratos avatar and loving it:) Ohh and come november 11th when my ghost of sparta psp bundle arrives I get the exclusive avatar and dynamic theme!

avengers19782510d ago

STill don't care about cross game chat.
I just want to play the damn games.
I have a phone, I have internet, if I want to communicate with people then I can.
Cross game chat will add nothing for me, but I want them to bring just to shut everyone up.

vhero2510d ago

This article is wrote by somebody who clearly loves his 360 more I mean he's goes on about he is excited about his season 360 updates but misses out ps3 updates? I smell a problem with that.. Cross gaming aside here (which real ps3 gamers don't really want only 360 fanboys hold against ps3 gamers).

PS3 updates since launch have been better as they have started with less. Yes thats right we all know 360 had a better online service when launched and we all agree ps3 been catching up so therefore logic dictates ps3 updates have been better yet this author says the opposite thus - 360 fan (not saying he's a fanboy though).