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Submitted by TeenGoten 1957d ago | opinion piece

ISM: Sony Forgot To Send You This PS3 Firmware Update (Cross Game Video Chat)

ISM: The PS3 OS has seemed to be a work in progress since the PS3 launched. Little by little, slight improvements were made to the XMB and PlayStation Network overall. Being a daily user of PS3, I'm very appreciative of gaming, general entertainment features of PS3. Those features are great, however… (PS3)

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saint_john_paul_ii  +   1957d ago
If i recall, Phil Harrison has been pushing for all of these features on the PS3 from the get go. The Big heads though in JP kept denying it though...
M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1957d ago
Back then Sonys main focus was Bluray. Now that Bluray has beaten out it's only competition (HDDVD) the only issue now is probably RAM, software and possible a patent.
CaJuaLFeatPuFF  +   1957d ago
Anarki  +   1957d ago
And move
Motorola  +   1957d ago
Software? Do you live in the same world as us or not? Cheap troll attack smh
n4gno  +   1957d ago
Ram : equal amount and faster than 360, software : more and better than 360, but ok fanboy, more ram would be even better.
Scary69  +   1957d ago
I have a feeling that Sony might add cross game chat but only if you are a PSN Plus member. Which would suck but to be honest I don't care much for cross game chat but to each their own.
rwarner174  +   1957d ago

Its not about the amount or speed of RAM. Its about the amount of reserved RAM during game play. The OS cannot tough ram reserved for gameplay or certian software would crash. They need to reduce XMB's footprint or patch existing games. Both very difficult solutions.
Dee_91  +   1956d ago
probably saving it for ps4 ..
Heartnet  +   1956d ago
The ps3 has about 30 mb less ram than the Xbox 360 thats why 1 of the reasons multiplatform games look worse on the ps3.. Although they both have 512mb Ps3's OS takes up 30 mb more than the Xbox :)
Syronicus  +   1956d ago
The ps3 has about 30 mb less ram than the Xbox 360 thats why 1 of the reasons multiplatform games look worse on the ps3.. Although they both have 512mb Ps3's OS takes up 30 mb more than the Xbox :)"

So you say it has less ram than the xbox but then show it does not then make an excuse that it uses 30 mb for the XMB that is not in use during game play? You're such an inigma. Oh, and third party games not looking as good on the ps3 is not a ram issue, it's a lazy dev issue.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1956d ago
They had a big artical on this. JP cares first about JP gamers. And JP gamers aren't really into Onine gaming, they also aren't big into the Social Networking as US/EU. So they dont really care about that. Sony is coming to the realisation that this is important, and so is Nintendo. Hence all the features that continue to get added. But the one thing Sony truly has over MS, is the quality of exclusives. They focus on the games more than the replay/mulitplayer need that America/Euro have imbeded into their minds that is a neccessity. But we have seen such an improvement in the last year with Sony. I am so excited to see what comes before Christmas 2011.

ALSO: So when is the actually date for the Netflix App on PS3. It's this month, but when???
MrAwesome  +   1957d ago | Well said
The only reason i want cross game chat is so people would stop complainig about it it's always a nice choice to have it but i probably won't use it.
Raoh  +   1957d ago
agreed.. cross game chat is overratted and only hot topic because the ps3 doesnt have it.. unless i'm talking to people in my team i dont see the need to speak too much outside of the game.. as for text chatting, i'm doing it in ffxiv now and have been in online games for years.. not that big of a deal..

but i too hope it comes to every platform new and old so this can be a dead topic..
shoddy  +   1957d ago
this is not just xchat, this is video xchat wich is even better.
I would pay for psn+ for this.
karl  +   1957d ago
i just want it so MS cant charge for live anymore without looking like some cheap greedy bastard
vickers500  +   1957d ago
No, Raoh, no it's not. People WILL actually use it, and the people asking for it don't give two sh*ts about using it as a talking point in fanboy wars.

It seems I must resort to copying and pasting past comments because some people still don't understand why a LOT of users want this. Here is my past comment:-------

Why are people still asking why users want this?

I'll post a link to some of my previous comments on why having the feature is extremely beneficial:

Please actually read the reasons this time on why people want it, so this question can stop being asked, and so comments against X-game chat can stop being posted (there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have it, and would only be beneficial).

And don't just read my comments, read others as well. Having a more social experience online where it's all connected and you don't have to switch to a phone, is a much better experience. Plus it makes setting up games much much easier.
f789790  +   1957d ago
If you want cross game chat it's called Skype. The sound quality is so much better and friends can actually understand you at a normal voice volume.
ExplosionSauce  +   1956d ago
To talk about gaming and industry news?

Honestly, I've only used it 2 or 3 times. It's a nice option, but if I need to talk to my friends, we'd talk on the phone. And if we talk while playing a game, it'll usually be the same game.
Love co-op chat!

I can't stand playing a game while talking to someone about a completely different subject. That's why I stop the conversation to keep playing, whether it's on the phone or cross game chat.
This is just me though.

@ shoddy
Video xchat? Now why in the world would I want to do that while playing a game?
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moparful99  +   1956d ago
People that claim they "want" cross game chat only think they do.. They have this romantic idea about it in their heads but honestly when I'm at my buddies house and we are playing castlevainia harmony of despair and one of his buddies pops up and wants to party chat. Needless to say not alot of words are exchanged during this time and usually someone ends up leaving.. XGame chat is just a bullet point in the argument that people try to make against the ps3.. I could care less if the ps3 gets it seeing as I'm usually too busy playing my games to care... Come gran turismo 5 alot of things in my life will be neglected and that includes friends....
hesido  +   1956d ago
Cross game chat doesn't have to be cross game..
What people miss is the fact that cross game chat doesn't need to have people necessarily playing different games. We lose connection in the game if the game kicks us, or if we want to leave the server for some reason.. We lose that voice connection as soon as we depart from a game. I'd like to continue speaking to my friends and my brother regardless of whether I'm playing a match or between matches doing other stuff within the same game. Cross game chat is what is needed to provide that.
playboi28  +   1956d ago
@ Karl
They are already greedy bastards. Cross game chat is free on the Xbox 360 with silver accounts.
mittwaffen  +   1956d ago
You wont use it?
Assuming you have no friends online, its very very useful to get your buddies together while their off playing their own game.

You will all love it.
mastiffchild  +   1956d ago
No, we, they or whoever won't ALL love OR use it. Like on Live some would use it regularly and like it, the majority would use it now and then and a good portion either wouldn't use it at all or, like me, find it just slight bad manners.

It's a funny one as usually I'd say that for people to have the choice of something(even something I find a pain and a bit rude)is always a good thing but the thing is XGC affects people whpo aren't even using it or never wanted to as well as those who love it. Sure, some people can use it and talk to whoever about whatever without losing any focus on their game but most people can't do that and I found a few TF2 games on 360 killed when a portion of either team were yattering away to mates playing God knows what elsewhere-people often can't do both in my experience.

My personal issue with it is that I'd like to give whoever I'm gaming with or talking to my full attention-to me it's just courteous-and, fair enough, I may be a fuddy-duddy over this kind of thing but is five minutes really too long to wait to chat/invite/set up another game?

Look, if I'm in a tiny minority then fine, I'll swallow it but please don't assume everyone wants or would use it because some of us actually plain dislike the feature and always have. It's the main reason I stopped playing TF2 on 360 tbh and, as a result, the main reason I no longer have a Gold sub.
WildArmed  +   1957d ago
If you keep digging, u'll get something to complain about.

Honestly VIDEO CHATTING is the last thing i want to do while playing a game.

Not to mention how horrible quality you get out of a PSeye if the sun isn't out.
(I've had a PSeye since 08 march).

But on a more serious note..
Where's my trophy room (HOME)? lol

REalistically looking I dont think i'd be readjusting the camera so much anyway.
Unless I'm playing a Move title, then i'd be funny to do video chat.

But again, it's unrealistic because most people's internet can barely handle online gaming.. let alone online gaming + video chatting.

There was a very good reason why Phil Harrison got alot of hate.
"Dec '07 Home will be launched"
Liar D:
ADMIRALcoltgahr  +   1957d ago
VIDEO CHATTING is the only way sony can bypass ms xchat patent. if sony can find a way around ps3 os and deliver it it would a huge 1up on the competition
morganfell  +   1957d ago
What do you expect? Ironstarmovement, dualshockers, care to name a few more that are dragging things down?
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1956d ago
I totally agree. I would never use voice xchat, the only thing I want to hear when playing online is my team mates. The text xchat is more than enough to warn your team mates of something when you die, people talking to me while I'm trying to play would only come in the way.

When I'm playing Offline I usually like to follow the story, not to chat... I annoys me enough when someone drop by my gaming room and won't stop talking.

When I'm on PS3 and not playing, needing to have a word with my friend, I can just use the voice/video chat PS3 already have.

I understand some people would really appreaciate it, other are just complaing out of competitive behaviour, but I don't care about it. I'm not aggainst it, more options can't be a bad thing, but I really don't see the need to have this.
Brklynty1  +   1957d ago
i want my XMB looking like that XD
FACTUAL evidence  +   1957d ago
also looking at this
Sony has custom avatars too....but now everyone is either a street fighter, or a fuckin sack boy...-.- Sony gimme my dam features for I falcon punch the shit outta ya....
Makidian  +   1957d ago
I have a pretty decent variety of avatars in my friends list but there are a lot of SF and Sackboys. They keep adding them but not at a quick enough pace really.
moparful99  +   1956d ago
Still got my launch kratos avatar and loving it:) Ohh and come november 11th when my ghost of sparta psp bundle arrives I get the exclusive avatar and dynamic theme!
avengers1978  +   1957d ago
STill don't care about cross game chat.
I just want to play the damn games.
I have a phone, I have internet, if I want to communicate with people then I can.
Cross game chat will add nothing for me, but I want them to bring just to shut everyone up.
vhero  +   1956d ago
This article is wrote by somebody who clearly loves his 360 more I mean he's goes on about he is excited about his season 360 updates but misses out ps3 updates? I smell a problem with that.. Cross gaming aside here (which real ps3 gamers don't really want only 360 fanboys hold against ps3 gamers).

PS3 updates since launch have been better as they have started with less. Yes thats right we all know 360 had a better online service when launched and we all agree ps3 been catching up so therefore logic dictates ps3 updates have been better yet this author says the opposite thus - 360 fan (not saying he's a fanboy though).
JayD-1K  +   1956d ago
i've had my 360 since launch and,
XBLG wasn't much better than PSN when it launched. it also had consistent updates bugs in it's firmware.

PSN has a good foundation and if Phil was still here...i truly believe that, we would be further ahead than we are now. HOME if used, could provide some of things we want like a Party system. i've launched many a game with friends from HOME.
SirKen-Kutaragi   1956d ago | Spam
KratosGirI  +   1957d ago
They should really bring this idea back to life!
TheLastGuardian  +   1956d ago
I hope it's not PS+ only or I might have to sucscribe.
NBT91  +   1956d ago
Why people are saying they would get PS+ for Xgame chat i'll never know. You must be real pushovers in reality, because why would you pay for something that we were led to believe would be free (and is wayyyyyy overdue to boot)?
playboi28  +   1956d ago
They already announced that it would be free.
FanOfGaming  +   1957d ago
That would have been epic but doesn't matter now -_-
enkeixpress  +   1957d ago
All I would like is for Sony to revamp & overhaul the PS3's internet browser.

Also, revamp & overhaul the XMB aswell.. It needs to be changed up a little like how Microsoft is doing with their new dashboard coming on November 4th for the 360.

A little change is necessary & convenient once in a while..
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GiantJedi  +   1957d ago
And faster, everytime I'm playing a game and I go to check a mesage the XMB takes forever to load.
punisher99  +   1957d ago
Really? Maybe you've been mistreating you PS3 or something because my xmb loads in 2 to 3 secs everytime.
ZombieAutopsy  +   1957d ago
I think it all depends on the game your playing and what you are doing in said game, I notice with some games the XMB loads right up almost instantly and with others it'll take around 5-10 seconds to load everything up.
CantHaveOpinionsHere  +   1957d ago
I agree
I wish the xmb wouldn't drag so much. And no I don't mistreat my ps3. Fanboys here are annoying. If you say the ps3 isn't perfect and could be better then they'll come up with some crap like assuming you don't take care of your ps3 as if they've been to your house or know you. Ps3 is my favorite console but damn i m not a fanatic and can admit there's things that could be better
ChozenWoan  +   1957d ago
If you want to change up the look of the xmb then just download a theme. There are thousands of them and if you can't find what you want you can actually make your own.

Functionality wise, the xmb is spot on, although the in game one could be striped down to increase load times by a sec. Still, it's more or less perfect.

As for the browser, yes it needs a good overhaul. Reduce the windows down to just two as that should greatly increase stability. Maybe add or increase the HDD cache to make up for the lack of ram. And for the love of all things video, plz update the flash/shockwave drivers more regularly.
mastiffchild  +   1956d ago
I liked the original "blades" on the 360(anything rather than the dashboard and those wanky avatars-I never wanted one so why make me make one and have to see it every time I turn on my console? Why no choice?)better than NXE and don't much like the upcoming one. Also, I don't want Sony to alter the XMB-it works, it isn't gaudy and that's fine.
Ri0tSquad  +   1957d ago
Lol, I remember those pictures
They had a lot of community features all planned from the get-go, but I'm guessing it was scrapped when they lowered the amount of RAM PS3 would have to lower the price. I think that's also why in-game XMB took so long to implement, even though it was there in early previews of the PS3 in 2006.
punisher99  +   1957d ago
People keep talking about RAM. But its already been proven that the PS3 has the same amount of RAM that the 360 does. There was an article awhile back explaining the differences in the PS3's RAM vs. the 360's.
Blaze929  +   1957d ago
So what's your point? Who's talking about the 360 here? Because something has the same amount of RAM as another doesn't mean it'll Be able to pull off the same features. It all depends on the system and the OS. In the PS3's case, it can't do a lot of things (pure speculation btw) we want it to due to the way it uses the ram is has availible. I mean ffs, you can't even keep music playing without having to stop it to do something else from the xmb. Either it's the ram or Sony just sucks as software :-/

FAGOL  +   1957d ago
don't post false info. 360 has 512mb ram the ps3 has 256mb ram. Sony chose to use xdr ram which is faster but too expensive.
GarandShooter  +   1957d ago

The PS3 has:

* 256MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz
* 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz

256+256=512. It has the same amount of RAM as the 360.
Nemo88  +   1957d ago
Fagol, your info isnt that correct either.. ps3 and 360 both have total 512 ram for graphics (in fact 360 has 10mb EDRAM extra as well) however on ps3 256MB is dedicated ram and as such only for graphics. This 256 is also expensive ram (relatively) that runs faster than the standard RAM available to the OS. Think a pc with discrete graphics.

Whereas 360 512mb RAM is more flexible, available to both systems and graphics and can be swapped freely. This is more like an integrated graphics setup on pc.
FAGOL  +   1957d ago

I just looked it up again on You are right.
Dark_king  +   1957d ago
Actually I think he means before they lowered the specs.You remember 2 HDMI outputs 2 cells and 1 or 2 gigs of ram.
nickjkl  +   1953d ago
remember when the cell processor helped with graphics processing i do
xAlmostPro  +   1957d ago
i dont think using xgame chat actually affects RAM :/ and if it does not by much at all.. ps3 & 360 have the same ram.. only the ps3 has more cores to dump some processes onto
N4g_null  +   1956d ago
The CPU does not have access to the rsx ram directly. So it doesn't have as much ram. There is a huge bottle neck in the ps3. That is the main reason for many of the ps3s problem.
nickjkl  +   1953d ago
i wouldn't call it a bottle neck since you're supposed to offload gpu tasks onto the cpu so that the rsx can process the left over tasks faster than if it had done it all in the first place cutting down rendering time

meaning you can either aim for a higher resolution 60 fps or just add more effects and stay at 30 fps
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DigitalAnalog  +   1957d ago
I would download a whole 3GB's on a firmware update..
If they revamped it and make the interface as smooth and integrated as the 360.

-End statement
Tone  +   1957d ago
I am more interested in party chat than x game chat. I would like to play online with my mates while being able to talk to them and stratigise on some online games without having to listen to some 10 year old repeat the same 70's mama insults etc.

Sony can easily... probably.. impliment Skype for party chat etc.. If i can get it on my mobile phone im sure they can get it to work on the PS3! .. problem solved.
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1957d ago
Yea i'm really surprised Sony hasn't implemented Skype into the Ps3 seeing as how its on the psp. Me and my friends would use skype when playing some ps2 games together because we didn't have mics for our ps2's and it worked great.
#7.1 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1956d ago
my only reason for wanting the cross game chat functionality is for what you just said about the people hogging the mic or just being rude.

in some games its not bad with the way they handled the mics but in cod its just a clusterfuck. I shouldnt have to use Skype or my cellphone if there is a free option (xgame chat) which could be implemented.

damn people, its a free update to make things simpler for people who have the OPTION to use. Its simple to ignore an invite if it would be too distracting for you to talk in another game. Pain in the ass to hold the cellphone in the neck while playing a game, and even worse to just throw the thing on speaker for all you manner nazis who keep throwing that around.

If you dont want it, DONT USE IT....Stop Bitching about people asking for something which will not hurt you, but will benefit several of the people on your friends list. Its a simple add on that would save time/money. If they charge for it bitch, if its free to ignore invites and your problem by being so disturbed by your vast amount of friends is limited.
haod   1957d ago | Spam
Orionsangel  +   1957d ago
How about adding the ability to join games in progress? On the 360 for example. You can join a persons game, like join free roam in RDR. On PSN I constantly have to ask friends to send me an invite. It's so annoying.
soulraver  +   1957d ago
I join my friends MW2 games all the time, as long there is a slot open
playboi28  +   1956d ago
If there is an open game with a friend, there is an option to join their game.
Reefskye  +   1956d ago
Join game only appears on your PSN friends list when there is space available, which is good least I know the game has space instead of it being available all time and have to keep clicking to see if someone has left
blackburn5  +   1957d ago
I agree that cross chat should be implimented so everyone can stop going on about it. The way everyone nags and harps on about it you would think that it is the most vital feature in gaming ever but what it basically is, is something so a friend can bother you while you are trying to concentrate on another game. No offense but I would prefer them to streamline and improve our internet browser and basic systems and menus before even thinking about this cross chat that everyone keeps going on about.It would be nice to have it ss an option but it is not that important.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1957d ago
Phil Harrison

The man who knew too much.

If HE had been in charge, we'd have all the features we want, Move would have a massive lineup right now, and the PS3 would have surpassed the 360.

Fortunately, he's currently making Atari look good. Thanks for everything, Phil!
Bigpappy  +   1957d ago
Phil is no longer with Atari
I think he is working with a Digit Distribution company now.
zengxianyu2   1957d ago | Spam
FAGOL  +   1957d ago
Well cross game chat is very hard to implement i'm guessing. It's true that the ps3 has a seperate spu for running the xmb but only 32-33mb of ram is allocated for the xmb while running a game. And there's only 256mb of ram. That's why the xmb is sluggish in game. I doubt x game chat will be implemented in the ps3 anytime soon. There is ways to make it work though. How about if you choose to run cross game chat then you wont be able to use the rest of the xmb unless you exit. So then the user can choose which they want.
#13 (Edited 1957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
FAGOL  +   1957d ago
turns out 48mb is actually reserved and 2x 256mb ram in the ps3. Although there are still restrictions.
ntian41   1957d ago | Spam
TheRealist2102  +   1957d ago
It's not coming this gen
Give it up Sony fans xgc or party chat ain't coming this gen. I love my PS3 and thats all I play but I can clearly see it's not coming. Sony will keep this feature out this gen and use it as a selling point for the PS4. :(
Narutone66  +   1957d ago
Great, now
not only the trolls have multiple accounts, even the spammers now have.
piefight100  +   1957d ago
lets share this on playstation blog share ;)
khellendros1  +   1957d ago
Screw cross game chat. Give me multiple simultaneous PSN login and online character saves. I can't believe people are overlooking this and crying about stupid a$$ cross game chat. I want to be able to play online split screen with a friend and use a character that I've been using at home. H@ll, I'll take just being able to get Trophies while playing with a friend. I guess I'm the only one that still goes to visits friends and play games.
Dark_king  +   1957d ago
actually some games allow multiple PSN IDs like Little Big Planet.Not sure if you get the trophies but you should if they are sent to the server.
playboi28  +   1956d ago
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World also alloys this as well.
seinfan  +   1957d ago
Um, what if you have friends that live in another state, or country? Yeah, you should go to their houses on a semi-weekly basis to play games with them.
khellendros1  +   1957d ago
Well obviously the current online system works for that but there are people that go and play at their friends house.
bananlol  +   1957d ago
Resistance 2 does this, so im shure its already in the os. Like most things on the ps3 its up to the developers to use. I cant se this changing anytime soon when that would require a radical change in the way the ps3 handles local multiplayer.
Dark_king  +   1957d ago
Yea like in game music its just the Devs need to support it.But he is right we should be saving our game data on a server when its saved to the HD.Would fix a few issues like locked saves.
bananlol  +   1956d ago
Locking saves to a single console is idiotic when the apis to teather it to a si gle profile exists. Luckily werry few developers do this, and those games that do are often crap. There is however one exception, killzone 2, wtf guerilla wtf?
Jamaicangmr  +   1957d ago
Cross game VIDEO chat?
So we got cross game voice chat already so the complaint has moved to video? Why hasn't anyone told me of this?

It would be a nice feature but i honestly wouldnt use it much. Maybe x game voice but video would lag me up way too much online.
SMW  +   1957d ago
But hey, they gave us 3D, something I actually want, and enjoy. Want to call someone, use a phone.
maxcer  +   1956d ago
lol 3D? a tech that is still unproven and isn't in very many homes?

and smh @ the phone comment because you know how easy it is to talk to 10 people on my phone while playing games
moparful99  +   1956d ago
Every new tech is unproven and 3d has been around for decades.. Hell everyone is foaming at the mouth over the 3ds and how uber cool it is but sony is trying to push it and its suddenly bad? Enough of this mentality that sony is a villian no matter what they do.. Ohh and I dont talk to anyone that isnt in a specific game with me period, nor would I with xgame chat... Its just a bullet point in an anti ps3 argument, nothing more...
Jamaicangmr  +   1957d ago
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Pokemon_dawn1   1957d ago | Offensive
Pokemon_dawn1   1957d ago | Offensive
Darkspade  +   1957d ago
3D was More impotent
BrianG  +   1956d ago
Honestly, it is, Cross Game Chat is nice and all, but 3D is more important. I know games were 3D before, but the 3D being pushed now is more advanced and is changing the industry. It's another added feature we can enjoy as gamers.

I've used Cross Game Chat, personally I think its cool, but certainly not necessary to enjoy my games.
supremacy  +   1956d ago
cross voice chat does a lot more for gaming than 3D could ever. I mean how many people own 3D tvs?

And why bother releasing a headset and multi-player games that require concentration and constant communications?

point is this, you could ask anyone at naughty dog how many of them own a 360 and played and still play games like halo and gears and i am sure you will get quite a few.

And if it were up to them to choose between cross game chat and 3D, i am pretty sure they would choose cross voice chat for the simple fact it is more beneficial to the overall social experience of the psn than 3D could ever be.

These networks are suppose to be about interactive social experiences not some marketed tech.
And i am sure 3D will eventually catch on, but whether or not it will be relevant to gaming experiences everywhere is a much rather different story depending who you ask or who it effects and it what ways.
BrianG  +   1956d ago
I see what your saying Supremecy, but the same could have been said about HD.

Also, playing games like Gears and Halo has nothing to do with Cross Game Chat, they actually are decent games.

And yes multiplayer games require communication, but you dont need to talk to your Infamous players while your playing MW2, that doesn't make sense, only makes the multiplayer game worse for those on your team cause your not talking to them. You don't need cross game chat to get that sense of community and social interaction. If you think about it logically all cross game chat does is disconnect the player from his team. Because your communicating with your friends, who aren't always your teammates, and if they are, whats the point in cross game chat?

Again, not saying its bad, but it just hurts the multiplayer aspect of games sometimes. I've seen it used most often playing Call of Duty, people use it to cheat and boost. Think search and destroy, die once, shouldn't be able to talk to your teammates, but in CoD 4 you can keep talking to them.
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Scotland-The-Brave  +   1957d ago
The SPAM is getting worse. Cmon mods ban these c/unts
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1957d ago
It's funny how bad it's gotten when you complain and bash a console for something that really isn't that important. PS3 does games because it's a "game" console, no it should do cross game chat because it's a "chat" console.

Okay think about this let's say Sony cut off all the exclusives except two like Killzone and MGS4, 3rd party exclusive. Then add cross game chatting and video chatting. Will the PS3 actually be better? Will it sell more? I mean we have our cross game chat, that's what a "game" is for right? People will only see the value of something whenever it is lost. If this did happen people will then probably see how mundane the games have become and find out how insignificant cross game chatting is. It would be nice to have it, but don't devalue a console to the point of crap when it doesn't offer this, when you should realize it's the games that actually matter
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Makidian  +   1956d ago
Cross game chat would be decent as would video chat....maybe, but it could be too distracting. The one feature that I really want is to be able to edit my trophy list, as in removing games from the list that I haven't and/or will never get a trophy on like Eye of Judgement. I'm sure there were other things to help make my point but I am so tired that I forgot them.
maxcer  +   1956d ago
yeah video boxes that cover your screen while playing would be distracting
Paradise Lost  +   1956d ago
I would love to have my trophies auto synced. I don't use Cross game chat on my 360 very much.
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