GC 2007: Live from the Metal Gear Solid Press Conference

IGN reporting Live from the MGS Press Conference.


- MGS4 will not have rumble.
- Weather/humidity will affect gameplay.
- MGS4 is not confirmed to be separate from Metal Gear Online.
- There may be a special feature where you can play your own music.
- MGS4 is reconfirmed to not be on 360.
- The AI, stealth suit, drum cans and other elements are being adjusted to make gameplay more difficult.
- The first trailer shown is the 4 New Bosses trailer, and the gameplay is the same as the Metal Gear Anniversary.
- Sixaxis control will have more, yet-to-be-detailed use in the game.
- The 4 new bosses are all beautiful women within "beasts," transformed by war trauma. Their unit is called the "Beauty and the Beast Unit."

The conference has ended. IGN's Greg Miller will be uploading pictures from the event shortly.

New screens:

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Satanas3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Last update:
"10:34 a.m. -- They kicked us out. Lame."

Uh oh. They better get back in.

Edit: Still reporting!

"10:48 a.m. -- So, yeah. I'm hot. The line has exploded into a mass of humanity outside the door. Kojima passed behind me a litte while ago. A woman with him had to shove me to get some space so that they could pass -- I swear I didn't know he was there!"

HeartlesskizZ3987d ago

Yes I saw this news b4, it happened with that new trailer. funny how
they said that at this of age snake also needs a break. I love MGS there always humor going on

Antan3987d ago

They got booted out? LMFAO

Satanas3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

11am in Germany has passed, so the conference should be commencing shortly.

Something is being viewed!!

Satanas3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Q&A period.

"11:49 a.m. -- In Japan, will Online and MGS4 be seperate or one package?

"It's difficult to explain," Kojima says (through his translator. "We can't really say specifically."

Dude re-asks. He wants an answer!

"We haven't really decided," he says. If you buy MGS4, you'll be able to play some part online at least. They're discussing how much further that online component will go."

"11:53 a.m. --

Q: Is it coming to 360?
A: Not at this junction.

Q: Is the AI on easy or something in the game? Why can Snake make so much noise.
A: It'll be more difficult in the game.

Q: Does teh stealth suit and all the other gadgets make it too easy?
A: They're adjusting. It'll be much more difficult."

LOL, should have known the first q there would be asked.

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