Guerrilla says Killzone 3 will have more variety than Killzone 2

VG247 writes: During a developer session at Eurogamer Expo 2010, Guerrilla Games’ Steven Ter Heide told attendees there were three main complaints gamers had with Killzone 2: variety, controller lag and story.

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Convas2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

THIS is excellent news! Mech battles in the Jungle FTW!

MrAwesome2756d ago

3D killzone jungles 0.0

Lombax2756d ago

3D BUBBLES!! -Jimmy Fallon

princejb1342756d ago

i really hope your able to customise your class
that was my only downfall for kz2

Lombax2756d ago

Perhaps you are referring to weapon customization? They've shown this already.

Or maybe you are talking about character customization? That's one thing I think every online MP game needs, a point system and a store like MGO. That'd be amazing!

MrAwesome2756d ago

•Killzone 3 will have more variety.
•Killzone 3 will have longer campaing.
•Killzone 3 open beta soon.
•Killzone 3 has no controller lag.
•Killzone 3 may have Co-op.

My Killzone 3 opinion:
• Killzone 3 will have awesomenes!!!

visualb2756d ago

is a vast understatement of what KZ3 will be /jk =P

kyrosheel12756d ago

None of this is really news... We've all known about this stuff for a while now.

I really hope GG doesn't give us too much info though cause they kinda spoiled Killzone 2 by showing too much footage before release.

Narutone662756d ago

the biased journalists are not going to deduct a point from the rating because of too much varieties.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

The development is almost over. 3 to 4 months is the time left to finish the development or the game.

After that, the game goes to Gold stage, which is something like weeks or a month before the release date in February.

CWMR2756d ago

More variety is always a good thing. Unless you are Castlevania or Ratchet and Clank, in that case variety is somehow bad.
It sounds like they are really improving Killzone 3 in various ways. It should be great.

2756d ago
PopEmUp2756d ago

"variety" that word make me think of one game, ratchet and clank review lol

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cmrbe2757d ago

They better be careful. Some reviewers don't like that.

mrv3212756d ago

Some say there's too much.

Others say it's too original.

kyrosheel12756d ago

lol remember the ratchet and clank crack in time review. complete BS if you ask me. How can too much variety be a bad thing in gaming today? Games LACK variety these days. Still, this is a good look for Killzone if you ask me. BRING THE HEAT GG.

Shikoro2756d ago

Reviewers will always find something to complain about. :(

DigitalAnalog2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Agreed. 2009 had the most "b*llshit" of reviews the moment MW2 was awarded prestige scores across the board. It got an unbelivable 94 on metacritic. Looking at the reviews, you can immediately deterimine the game had a "Chance card, Community card and Get out of Jail Free Card" simply because they knew it was from IW.

Short-gameplay, less then stellar graphics and the online gameplay being broken. You can tell IW really didn't put their heart in this game (after the fiasco by Activision), but this shows how sad reviews are nowadays. Put another game title on top of MW2 and I can guarantee it would get a 7.. AT BEST.

-End statement

kyrosheel12756d ago

GameTrailers review of Uncharted 2
- Completely Unoriginal/Does not innovate (docks points)
- Says that no game will ever score higher than a 9.4 (or w/e Uncharted 2) got if it is unoriginal like Uncharted 2

MW2 comes out a few weeks later...

GameTrailers review of MW2
- Several inconsistencies in the review
- Gives MW2 a higher scores than Uncharted 2 yet it is no more original than what Uncharted 2 was, and it has a lot more flaws in gameplay... =/

IGN Review of Killzone 2
- Graphics get a 9.5... :/ (MW2 got a 10 in graphics LOL)
- Final score is a 9.4.

Funny how its rated 0.1 lower than Halo 3 and Gears of War 2, when it was being depicted in the gaming media as the "Halo/Gears Kiler", and I don't understand how its rated only a 9.4 when the only flaws they listed in the game were the medic revival gun animation, and the .5 second pause between areas in single player...

If you're going to use a number system to evaluate the quality of a game at least make it some what consistent and relative towards the flaws and quality of the game. I don't understand how some games can get 10s or high 9s when tons of flaws are mentioned in the game...

I stopped trusting number scores a long time ago, but it still annoys me when i see inconsistencies like this.

PS: Here's a random fun fact about GameTrailers

Gears of War 2 is rated higher than every PS3 exclusive, i believe it was rated 9.8 or something, while the highest PS3 exclusive is rated like 9.4 (MGS4, LBP and Uncharted 2). Gears of War 2 was an alrite game but is it better than the three games i mentioned? Nope.

PSS: Don't get me confused as a PS3 fanboy, because i think Killzone 2 is overrated mainly because of the single-players story (the back-story is fantastic thought, just wish they could have incorporated it into Killzone 2). But i also believe that 99% of games these days are overrated. Killzone 2 is still in the top 5 for best FPS games this gen.

Organization XII2756d ago

yeah, it would be more like crysis meets cod meets doom meets mario bros, some sort of that..

btk2756d ago

Too much variety -1 point
Move - too much options -1 point
If all is perfect some reviews will give it 8/10

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redDevil872756d ago

I hope there a sniper stealth mission

cmrbe2756d ago

Personally i want the team squad player access back. I rememeber using Rico alot in KZ1 for close door combat and the Girl forgot her name in KZ1 for stealth. Haka for demolition with Jan as balanced.

It wasn't so much about the variety in the environments but rather the constant intensive nature of the warfare that i got a bit too tired from in KZ2. There was never a moment that you weren't in an intense firefight in KZ2.

Also agree with the story part. The story in KZ2 didn't do justice to the great KZ universe story.

bustamove2756d ago

YES! I agree. I love sniping. ^__^

Akagi2756d ago

I hope the update they sniper even more. Or have different snipers.

TheBand1t2756d ago

Well from what I've seen in screenshots, the Marksman has access to an SMG and the StA-14

visualb2756d ago

the sniper rifle scope:
a) is different
b) can be changed.

so a LOT has changed for sniper lovers,. I never got into the sniping in KZ2, I'll admit it, it was too hard =(

2756d ago
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