GO! messenger with fancy pants computer graphics

It looks like Sony's address footage just wont stop, here David Reeves
talks about GO messenger for the psp.

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HeartlesskizZ3957d ago

I swear I have tears of joy, I cant wait to tell my sister she waisted her money on the iphone. Im so going to get a psp

Mikey_Gee3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

hahahaha ... so true. Iphone is hype up the wazzo and nothing more.

Regardless, as cool as I think this is, I see the GPS function being the main seller of the two. But hey, I will probably grab this too. My only worry is what will they charge for the service (phone in particular)?? If it is free ................ WOW .. WOW .. WOW !!
Either way, being a PSP owner has always been a worthy experience for me, but now the reasons just got even better.

Karebear3957d ago

I wish they'd add a bluetooth adapter of some sort to let it use 3G through my cell phone to connect to the 'net. Then it would be perfect.

Hellgiver3957d ago

So it will not require Wifi like all of its internet actions? That'd be sweet.