Unbelievable New GT5 Screenshots and HD Trailer

Here are some new screenshots of Gran Turismo 5 looking just about photo realistic. There is also a new trailer attached to alternative links - all from the official website.

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MK_Red3984d ago

Seriously Unbelievable. These images and the trailer hurt my eyes. Polyphony has done the impossible. Unbelievable ineed. Great find.

larry0073984d ago

clearly the difference has started to show up

thx to massive power of cell,blue-ray and RSX

MK_Red3984d ago

GT5 makes every other game in the universe look like a Wii game. It looks more realistic than original Killzone 2 CG trailer. Froza 2's CG trailers didn't look this realistic.

Razzy3984d ago

Anyone remember the first GT game? I couldn't believe how great it looked then. Amazing how far graphics have advanced since. Almost photorealism. How much further can they push the graphics envelope? Damn :)

CG3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

If PD made GT5 for xbox 360 those graphics would be even better, also GT5 would have took half the time if it was being developed on the 360.

A custom built 512MB ATI GPU with unified memoery VS an out dated 256MB Nvida GPU...c'mon i know your completely retarded but you cant deny that the 360 has better graphical capability....

Razzy3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Y'know Larry, you really gotta stop. I'm all for Sony & the PS3 but you're making us PS3 fans look like idiots. Chill dude. All you're doing is attracting the worst from the Xbox side.

sfinXters3984d ago

@1.4 - so why would the game take half the time on x360? Does it have some sort of built in car-model-generator?

About the RSX. It is mainly used to display graphics and does not do any calculations, all that is done by the Cell.
Learn some basics, GPU is not the only thing that matters.

Thursday3984d ago

If memory serves me correctly (pun intended), I believe that the RSX can use all 512MB of RAM. The difference is that half of that (256 MB) is faster, and dedicated to the RSX.

I could be wrong though, haven't read the specs in a while. If someone knows different, please correct me.

JUSTaGAME3984d ago

The Gran Turismo series has always had great CGI

Demon19803983d ago

that's not cgi u dumba$$

genix133983d ago

You're right, the RSX has 256MB dedicated memory and can access the other 256MB under severe loads, it's also aided by the SPE's.(As seen in Killzone 2)

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xhi43984d ago

one of the most visually impressive titles I've ever seen in my life! It is.......mind blowing holy crap.

mighty_douche3984d ago

it looks near photo realistic!! 2008 will be the ps3's time to shine!

tudors3984d ago

It does not look this good but my point is that neither are actual gameplay...we need to play the game.

Juevani3984d ago

check the videos and u'll see the game playin in same quality u morron.. anyway back to the story, WOW, just WOW.. this is a must have like every other GT..