Leaked Halo 3 Opening CG Movie?

Halo 3 CG movie from a cell phone.

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nice_cuppa3744d ago

i think anyway.

wont be long till bungie let us know.

MK_Red3744d ago

Kinda agree. That's why I added "?" to the end of title. I wish they would just make the official Halo Movie instead of these shorts.

closedxxx3744d ago

Definitely another sort.
I feel like this is something that was intentionally released, but made to look like someone "snuck" the video.
Some lame viral attempt.
The video itself wasn't very impressive, but they obviously had a decent budget to make some of the props...
Peter Jackson?

deepio3744d ago

This is another Blomkamp short film, not sure how someone could get it confused with a cgi intro...

MK_Red3744d ago

The original poster of movie on GT could?

And its a pretty good short :)

Norad63744d ago


blackrose53744d ago

meh .. looks bad even if its not CGI

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The story is too old to be commented.