Crytek to produce game for Wii (PS3, Xbox 360 plans also underway)

Crytek, developer of forthcoming PC shooter Crysis, has confirmed to that it plans to produce games for consoles in future - including the Nintendo Wii.

"We have Wii development but it's very small, it's more like testing ideas. We don't have a project at this stage," said studio boss Cevat Yerli.

"Nintendo Wii is certainly on the radar, we will do something for Nintendo Wii - the question is when. I think some time maybe in three or four years, but nobody knows when."

Yerli's comments came during our visit to Crytek's Frankfurt studio, where he also revealed that there is a team dedicated to research and development for PlayStation 3.

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Lord Anubis4129d ago

cool, wonder what their research team can do with the PS3.

Jeremy Gerard4129d ago

that was a hard to understand, from what i read (i skipped the wii crap who cares about that POS) they have a team working on future PS3 programming and a team working on a 360 game. This probably means they will launch a 360 game first but when they do launch a PS3 title it will be of equal or greater quality to the 360 title/version. Smart move, if the PS3 is as difficult to work with as everyone leads us to beleev, then it is wise to put a team on it well in advance of working on an actual title.

ChickeyCantor4128d ago

" i skipped the wii crap who cares about that POS"

yes who gives, right i mean its selling so fast no one could care less.......T_T get some brains man