Investors 'getting carried away' by BioShock buzz says analyst

Following the rise in the Take-Two stock price, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey tells GameDaily BIZ that BioShock is "not the next GTA" and he thinks investors are "getting carried away." Hickey says he expects BioShock will beat sales expectations (which were originally under 1 million units) and land somewhere in the 1.5 - 2 million range. He says, "However, with the stock up over 20% in the last few days, we have heard of expectations in the 3-4 million unit range, which we believe are unrealistic... keep in mind that Bioshock is only being released on one console platform (Xbox 360), and will likely be limited by its intense, hard-core, first-person-shooter style of game. The game is very dark, very complex, and will have a hard time penetrating the mass market, in our view."

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alexander22rednaxela3982d ago

Bioshock is getting better review than gears, and it sold 3+ millions.
Bioshock is less dark than gears of wars chainsaw action.
It`s selling like cracy on amazon.

alexander22rednaxela3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

I am nyong it on friday.

Jeremy Gerard3982d ago

you wont be disappointed, i find the game to be very addictive. this game does so many things right, this is becoming a trend with western developers, games that have few to no real flaws, hopefully the Japanese will take note. I for one am tired of Japanese games that have last gen flaws like poorly placed save points, bad dialog and character development. While I have no interest in playing as a half male half female 15 year old long haired bisexual with eyes the size of grapefruits, even their games that cater to western audiences are full of flaws that devs should be taught to avoid in game making 101.

likeaboss3023982d ago

I'll guess that these guys haven't even played the game. Just seen a demo at one time. You have to play it and when you play it you get hooked. It's like crack. About time we get more balanced games with stories that keep you interested.