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Submitted by I-Pod 1957d ago | video

Awesome 3D Footage of MotorStorm: Apocalypse Emerged

An impressive gameplay video of MotorStorm: Apocalypse shows brand new 3D footage from the upcoming PlayStation 3 Racer. (MotorStorm: Apocalypse, PS3)

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Kurisu  +   1957d ago
Looking forward to this game. It reminds me of Burnout 3, which I loved. Paradise didn't really grab me...
N2G  +   1957d ago
same here didn't really like burnout paradise & i'm soooo looking forward to Motorstorm Apocalypse it looks like its going to be the best in the series.Sony is really lucky to have owned the best gaming studios in the business & i can't imagine how their games are going to look like on Ps4.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1957d ago
so glad I have bult-in 3d in my eyes
Jamie Foxx  +   1957d ago
loved paradise,anyway the snow track in the picture looks insane
cant wait to see that
Downtown boogey  +   1957d ago
Not a snow track but it sure does look insane... What does Burnout have to do with this??
Chapulin  +   1957d ago
Same E3 demo
Doesn't look anything new.
ChronoJoe  +   1957d ago
Same track
As before. 3D footage is also not beneficial to us, on PCs. Waste of time article.

Motorstorm does look great though, just not in 3D when you're not the one with the glasses on. *sigh*
Downtown boogey  +   1957d ago
Yep... But it's about the first comprehensive game play clip with this view.
dosgrtr  +   1957d ago
there is no snow track footage as shown in the display pic
badkolo  +   1957d ago
i have this bad feeling 3d is going to hurt sony.

3d isnt as widely accepted yet as some here would think, im all for 3d so dont get my words mixed up but the numbers remain flat, its pricey all around to get into 3d, not saying it wont eventually do well but as of now 3d isnt main stream and not many have it and its not selling as fast as peopkle think even though that could change once price drops.

but this is how it could harm sony and the sales o fits games.
if the tag 3d is added to these games which then they will learn or already know that they need a 3d tv and glassess to enjoy the game to its full potential, now this isnt a issue for those who have 3d tv's or who will purchase them now but for everyone else who doesnt have 3d and is looking at the new ps3 games coming they might back off a game that they cant enjoy to its full potential.

They might see the game, see that it does 3d with a 3dtv and glasses and say to themsleves that they dont have a 3dtv or intend to buy one so sinc i cant play this game like that then im not buying it. who wants a gimped product, no one

putting all that aside this game looks sick and i cant wait .
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thor  +   1957d ago
Yeah I agree. 3D is a VERY small section of the market, so devs are pretty much wasting time incorporating 3D support (and it's more effort than you might think, setting up focus and depth of field for all sorts of situations, as well as optimizing).
DigitalAnalog  +   1957d ago
@badkolo and thor
You brought up interesting points. But let's see the positive aspects to 3D.

3D movies have existed way before Avatar but what made it so special that the other 3D movies not. Simply because they've utilized it to make the movie a lot MORE immersive (anaglyph based 3D only makes objects appear out of screen). This can work for video games as the player is supposed to be immersed in the game.

3D games MUST require 60FPS in order to achieve a 30FPS 3D game. In other words, games like Killzone 3 would be in 60FPS. I really doubt it would be made in such a way had 3D not been the option from the beginning. It also requires a lot of "optimized" tech. In gaming world, "optimized" can bring a distinction to other games, ESPECIALLY when we are on a tight gaming budget.

So whether you get a 3DTV or not, 3D has already affected the production of the games. Now you get 3D based games on 60FPS on default. Isn't that a GREAT alternative even if you don't own a 3DTV?

As a sidenote, I have seem MS: Pacific Rift in 3D and it is AMAZING.

-End statement
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thor  +   1957d ago
"3D games MUST require 60FPS in order to achieve a 30FPS 3D game."

Can you back this up? I have heard that for EXISTING games running at 60fps, it is not much work to make them run at 30fps in 3D. Also I realise that it is rendering two images instead of one every frame. But I am not convinced that a game optimised for 3D would automatically be able to run at 60fps in 2D, because the 3D version would be making optimisations eliminating the redundancy in rendering two near-identical frames (and physics, animation etc. would still only require one pass).

Also I don't doubt that 3D looks great, even amazing in some games. I'm making a statement about market share. If it requires so much effort to make a 3D game (lots of optimization required, as you say) then it is kind of a waste of resources as it won't guarantee more sales or even a better reception.

On the other hand I realise that 3D requires a big investment to get it going. Nobody's going to buy a 3DTV with nothing to watch or play. It's just that this big investment could hurt Sony even if 3D becomes a success. 3D content is just not suitable for everything, because of the fuss of having to wear the glasses - so I don't think 3D will ever represent the majority of the content on the market; furthermore there is no back-catalogue to update to 3D because it would have to be re-shot. I don't think 3D will become the success HD is for these reasons, so I'm not confident that Sony's investment is a worthwhile one.
DigitalAnalog  +   1957d ago
Sure, 3D games must be built from the "ground-up" as you are dealing with 2 different images at the same time. However, a 60FPS IS a must simply because in 3D as it is the only way achieve 30FPS (per eye). So if you wanted a 60FPS 3D game, you need a 120FPS (per eye) which most likely on the the most powerful of PC'S can provide.

But I would like to add that the frames are not the only one that splits, but also the resolution. So if Killzone 2 renders at 720P, 60FPS. The result would be 540P, 30FPS in 3D. So there is some sort of "trade-off", unless of course Killzone 3 runs in 1080P, 60FPS (which would be the most optimal), that's the best you could pull off for now.

More details on 3D right here:

As for your subject regarding the market share:

I wouldn't readily agree with what you say when it won't guarantee "more" sales. In concept, you are right. However, put a plethora of poorly rated and underdelivered games next to Killzone 3, and you would have more people getting "it" as the alternative choice. Not saying it would be a big impact, but for budget gamers like me, I really can't be bothered to puchase games with just "good" gameplay. I want the best bang for my buck and AAA games that support 3D definitely fit in my area of purchase.

-End statement
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robep3  +   1957d ago
Just bought a 3d tv.....
Samsung 46" 7000 model for £1259 (UK) on the internet so looking forward to some 3d gaming and blu-ray by the end of next week!
remanutd55  +   1957d ago
Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D will surprise you , 3D does enhance to the Motorstorm Experience , its more Chaotic , Intense , Brutal and most importantly Spectacular , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!
SMW  +   1957d ago
I got the 50 inch plasma model for AU$1800. Absolutely the best money I have ever spent. Wip3out and 3D Rift are mindblowing. The graphics on wip3out are so damn crisp it hurts.

Also try KZ2/GT5P with the TV's inbuilt 3d function, depth set to 2 or 3. Its a subtle effect, and it isnt perfect but it has gotten me beyond pumped for KZ3 and GT5.
internalbit  +   1957d ago
yeah just like bluray and fullhd, gees if we were all like you, we would still be living in the caves, and would be too scared to invent fire because people could burn themselves, would be too scare to invent the wheel because then cars could be invented and therefore injuring and killing people.... get off M$'s nuts.
badkolo  +   1957d ago
you mean like how 4 years later blueray still isnt anywhere near dvd.

im not knocking 3d, its just not something that everyone is running out to buy.

im glad its an option that isnt my point, i think some people will not be able to do 3d and that might cause them not to buy a 3d game becuase they cant enjoy that said game to its fullist.

if i see that killzone or motorstorm is best in 3d and i need to get a 3dtv to enjoy killzone 3d to its fullist i might not buy it becuase i wont be able to go buy a new 3dtv just to experience it fully, ill feel left out of something like im not enjoying the game in the way it was meant to be .

im not going to buy a game that is specificaly for move if im not buying move.

get what im saying??

people forget 3d is starting form scratch, those tv that where sold started when , a year ago, a year and a half ago at best, but the big spark in hdtv sells happened in the last 4 years. so the nunmber of people running out to plop 2000 for a 3d is smaller then it would have been a few years back.

3d will take alot longer then 6 months for it to become mainstream, these games are coming out now in 3d. the user base is just not there yet.
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internalbit  +   1957d ago
what does it matter to you? The cost of the game will be the same as a non 3D and non move game. The game has the option to be played on 2d tv or a 3d tv or with a standard controller. If you did by a 3d tv in the future u could go back and replay the game in 3d. SO what's the issue with you. Infact why does M$ sell games on DVD at the same price as the Bluray games ???? Like I said before, get of M$'s nuts.
divideby0  +   1957d ago
I got to try and play this game in 3D....
Downtown boogey  +   1957d ago
Downtown boogey  +   1957d ago
3 disagrees????
How can you disagree with a sincere question!?
I wanna know how it was!!
thor  +   1957d ago
I think he meant, "I'VE got to try and play this game in 3D"
Daver  +   1957d ago
It looks awesome! and in 3d it will be sick
SilverSlug  +   1957d ago
JS player sucks for me
ramiuk1  +   1957d ago
this is when 3D kills gaming
u know whats gonna happen, games gonna be boring as devs will be trying so hard to build things round 3D effects.

so it be lets think of 3d thingsmthen we make a game round it.

that track looked boring as hell in that vid
quiddd  +   1957d ago
I hope Motorstorm has more than one track......
MidnytRain  +   1957d ago
It's nice to see racing games get this much attention, now. But this one might get put in my backlog for the sake of LBP2 and KZ3.
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pisatrade   1957d ago | Spam
badkolo  +   1957d ago

your obviously a little child and havent been here long, after 6 years here at n4g many know i have all the consoles and more games then your dreams could provide. the ps3 is in every room here so dont use your childish ms tactics here.

10 years from now when you actualy grow up and your brain can think for itself and not your hormones then you might get what i was trying to say.
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WiiPS3beats360  +   1957d ago
Ur just so damn negative dude, why u hate blu Ray and 3d so much??? Have u even tried it? If ur an adult which I highly doubt u could save up and buy a 3dtv and blu ray is big just cuz ms shafted u into HD DVD now u scared of new tech? Internalbit had a point and the child is u
internalbit  +   1957d ago
typical dude, can't come back with facts so have to insult and call me a child etc etc .... typical comeback when you know you are wrong .... LOL .... according to you maybe HD games should't have been invented because it was too expensive at the start and according to you we should have stuck with cartridges because CDs were too expensive. The difference between price of 3d tv and a full hd TV is very minimal, and since you say you are not a child and a very grown up adult when it comes time for you to upgrade or buy another TV i am sure you could afford a 3d tv, because major tv manufacturers are pushing 3d TVs.

This is what I will be getting just before killzone 3 comes out

sweet as......
tiamat5  +   1957d ago
Of course everyone since it's Sony doing it must be bad in every way possible. PS3: it's going to fail, Bluray: no one wants all that space, 3D:no one will want it. But 3DS: Yay! Nintendo can't be beaten. 3D is a great idea. Can't wait to buy one. Getting a little tired of the 'every idea Sony has is bad' propaganda. It's optional. No one has a gun to your head forcing you to do it.
quarkist  +   1957d ago
65% True...
The problem with Sony is they take bet on latest technologies. Taking optical media in game consoles first time until Bluray. Lot of propaganda that Sony owns Bluray.. well it is consortium where more than 12 multination companies are leading it. Sony did the Move, and all the media started ranting with it is copy of Wii whereas Kinect is a revolution (what? didn't we have the eyetoy). The problem is there are lot people bios in media and lot of fanboys.... for everyone's information I have Wii, xbox 360 and PS3... and i like them all.. and 3D is the Future!
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SMW  +   1957d ago
Just a question: Has anyone else noticed the complete lack of aliasing in 3d games? MS:3D Rift and Wip3out come to mind. I can get as close to my 50 inch plasma as the angle of the sensor on the glasses will let me get (about a foot) and cant see any aliasing at all. I was thinking it could be something to do with the human eye blurring the edges or something due to alternating images.

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