Sony: No PlayTV for America in forseeable future

On the second day of GCDC yesterday afternoon, Sony announced major plans for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners in Europe - mainly that it was to launch PlayTV, a device that links home consoles and televisions in order to record one channel while watching another, as well as also remotely transmitting moving images (live or recorded) to the PSP.

And what about the likelihood of a similar service being made available in America any time soon? Slim. Sony's Phil Harrison reaffirmed the country's limitations in digital terrestrial television coverage and the lack of one nationwide satellite TV provider (Sony has hooked up with BSkyB in Europe) as reasons why it would not be possible to deliver said high-definition content in the US just yet.

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HeartlesskizZ3763d ago

Now ill watch all the European league (soccer of course) and the
Family Guy =)

AkUmAzRaGe lRl3763d ago

I'll be watching my IPTV....have fun sony trolls

aiphanes3763d ago

No you don't but look at ATT uverse and you will find out. You will have to pay to watch IPTV.

Sony PlayTV is all free.

Remember that..Mr Xbot troll.

snoop_dizzle3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

but you might actually get more content for IPTV. I'm thinking this becasue xbl already gets exclusive content from some cable/satlite channels already.

I personally wanted to use both services so i could get exclusive content

But wait if i just make a European account is it possible for me to use this?

CRIMS0N_W0LF3763d ago

Can I watch champions league and Serie A Italien Football and Premeir League? If yes I buy :P

Panthers3763d ago

Will the Euro one work on an American PS3? I dont have a Tivo and would like this thing.

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