PGR4 release date confirmed along with new cars, bikes list

Project Gotham Racing is going to be burning rubber on your Xbox 360 once again starting on October 2, which is a Tuesday. PGR4, which is the fifth PGR game from Bizarre Creations if you count the cell phone game, debuts in stores on that date with the newly unveiled cars and bikes list after the break.

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level 3604079d ago

One month and a few more days to go... I kinda ( just ) know how it would play ( having had all the PGR Series ) but with the addition of bikes and the ( differing ) weather physics that is a first for this title.
Love all your work Bizzare Creations.

Crazyglues4079d ago

The date just keeps moving all over the place, I'm beginning to wonder if the game is really good, or just another rush to release product.

They said this time they would do it right and not rush like they did with PGR3 hence the smoke and all the other features they added to PGR4, but with the date slipping, it once again looks like the game was rushed and once again is not really ready.