10 Reasons Why Sony Needs to Retire the PlayStation 2 Now

"The longer Sony keeps PlayStation 2 in active service, the more likely it is for consumers to jump from PlayStation 2 to Wii or Xbox 360. Why? Because they 'look' like they offer a sufficient improvement over PlayStation 2."

Gameplayer offers ten reasons why Sony should retire the PlayStation 2 now.

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CNIVEK4136d ago sh1t, Sherlock. :o

QuackPot4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

The Ps2 is selling well due to price and games - even if the net service is crude.

Buyer/owners are getting getting cheap and enjoyable games from it. You can't beat a bargain. Have you wondered why the DS has been so successful? Go figure.

But the Ps2 is old gen and only idiots would compare it to the next gen consoles.

Ps2 owners/buyers will pick up a next gen console when the time is right - price, games and no ridiculous cheap old gen tech that will satisfy their game fix(ie. Ps2).

Sony should keep milking the Ps2 for all it can get. Then in a years time when the Ps2 has finally reached its useby date, the Ps3 will be a lot affordable, will have a great net service and of course will have a large selection of quality games.

Late 2008 will be when the great migration to the Ps3 finally begins.

Again, this article is a load of crap.

power of Green 4136d ago

You wouldn't believe how many times i'v been attacked for saying the same thing.

CNIVEK4136d ago

...but it still shocks me to see common sense being reported as "news". Just because Sony fanboys typically lack such common sense, doesn't make it any less true. :o

pLaystation4136d ago

those complaints are stupid..

i should make my own... "Top 10 reasons why top 10 reason articles are fken retarded."

The Wood4136d ago

dropping the ps2 like ms dropped the xbox just isn't the asian way. They look after and support the old folks not ship them off to retirement homes. Its a cultural thing that SOME people cannot comprehend. Why would 2 haters care anyhow. Just imagine that you bought a xbox a year before the 360 came out and SOME have the gaul to talk about sony forcing bluray on gamers. There are some reasons why they could drop the ps2 and about 50 reasons why they shouldn't. Dont base your opinions on MS's practices.

Papacharinonanadan4136d ago

Normally I'd agree with that, but it's not like the PS3 is selling like hotcakes... at least not in the way the PS2 was.

The Wood4136d ago

didn't fly off the shelves neither and (according) to sony the sales of the ps3 are better than the ps2 at the same point. Financially it makes sense to keep both. more revenue for sony and less unhappy ps2 owners (the few of them) For me personally it looks better that a company sticks by its older model albeit less support instead of dropping it and forcing people to buy a new console. People will buy the ps3 when they're ready just like last gen. As you can see there are different ways of making money. One where you force the consumer to upgrade by dropping the old or one where you continue to make profit on the old to subsidise the new after all they are both in the same devision of sony playsation.

achira4136d ago

lol, this article is bs. they should support the ps2 as long as possible. and financiate the ps3 with it. seriously who writes this nonsense articles ?

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The story is too old to be commented.