GC: Epic Games' Mark Rein (Interview)

Last year was "quite big" for Epic. Gears of War is, as Mark Rein gleefully tells us, the number one game of the generation so far. Unreal became the engine of choice for next-gen developers. There's no Gears sequel this year, but 2007 will still be big - if not bigger - for the little developer from North Carolina. Unreal Tournament 3 is set to launch in November on PS3 and PC. Gears of War is coming to PC with new content. The games that Unreal powers are starting to arrive in droves - headlined by the likes of BioShock. So Mark Rein, Epic's vice president and chief evangelist, is as giddy as ever. When we run into him in Leipzig, it takes us 15 minutes to drag him into the interview room - he just wants to shoot the breeze. Fortunately he saved some good bits for the tape. Read on for the latest on UT3, Gears PC, the Gears film and Unreal Engine 3.

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Azurite4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

So... he's in Leipzig and still takes his time to post stuff on forums like Evilavatar?
Busy man.

vidoardes4136d ago

Great inteview, I must admit I am a big fan of Mark Rein. No matter how big headed he may seam about his own games (which let's face it, probably deserve the ego) he is always first to praise others.

"We're looking forward to playing Rage as much as the next guy. Same with Crysis. That's the thing about the shooter market - people see us and they think there's this great, horrible 'you must kill each other' competition, but we don't think that way. We love these games. "

It's always good to see one artist admire anothers work