Peter Jackson's Halo effect

Peter Jackson's new Halo game is currently already in production, according to Bungie's Frank O'Connor. Last year Jackson and Microsoft formed Wingnut Interactive Games Studio in Wellington, New Zealand, to work on the Halo game and future projects.

Most notably, O'Connor reveals that Bungie has already dispatched designers and engineers to Wellington to work with Jackson on the new Halo. Developers from both studios (Bungie and Wingnut) communicate and collaborate, via email and conference calls. Jackson's Halo will feature a new story and will not be a continuation of the plot from the first three Halo games.

O'Conner also says that Microsoft hopes Halo 3 will earn US$155 million in a single day - besting the US$151 million opening weekend set by Spider-Man 3, the current record holder at the US box office.

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GameOn4079d ago

Peter Jackson is directing a game, not a film?

_insane_cobra4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

He's not, actually. He's producing the film and directing the game.

Bolts4079d ago

How the hell do you direct a game?

VirusE4079d ago

fanboi think of it like being a manager.

level 3604079d ago

This is looking to be a very credible film debut for Halo.
Will be eagerly awaiting for more news and pictures/video
previews on this story.


well actually, he is the exec producer on the halo movie.

but this sounds the Bomb.

i remember a certain someone thinking it was all over now and the hype would go away with the end of halo 3, not so.

we have Peter's halo project, another one from bungie and halo wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.