David Reeves Shows Off Go!Explore For The PSP

David Reeves explains Go! Explore, the PSP's sat-nav system due for release in the New Year and utilising the very latest in map data from market leaders TeleAtlas and NavNGo, Go!Explore combines in-car and pedestrian GPS navigation for Sony's handheld.

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Lord Anubis4079d ago

I want the US version. :(

HeartlesskizZ4079d ago

This will be great for my Car because i dont own a gps yet.

I hope is cheap.

Mikey_Gee4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

For me this is a MUST HAVE and the number one reason I bought my PSP. I had heard a while back full GPS funcion was hitting the PSP, so that made it a no brainer.

Engadget a while back also gave the impression it would be around the $60-$80 range.


SubZero4078d ago

If they had this in the states I would go buy a PSP right now.