Goodrich: Keeping Medal of Honor respectful “keeps me awake at night”

VG247 writes: Medal of Honor’s executive producer Greg Goodrich has said making sure the game was a respectful representation of the military stationed in Afghanistan made him lose some sleep at night.

Speaking in an interview with Gamasutra, before today’s news of the Taliban being axed from the game in name only, Goodrich said the development team spent a lot of time making sure it “didn’t do anything stupid” and that the tone of the game was respectful to the men and women serving in Afghanistan.

“You know, it keeps me awake at night,” said Goodrich. “This is historical fiction, so it’s much in the vein of a movie like Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. These are fictional characters in a historical event. We’re focusing on those individuals. We’re focusing on the characters. We’re focusing on the individual soldier and telling their story from that point of view, and the war is a backdrop.

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IaMs122996d ago

Knowing that there is a constitution and the 1st amendment being upheld keeps me asleep at night... Looks like i shall be up for awhile now

Mr Tretton2996d ago

Oh please, they weren't forced to change anything.

Moonboots2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression died a little with this announcement.

Now the politically correct folks know that if they cry enough they will get their way. That is how they operate. These soldiers are fighting for the very freedom these people erode with every politically correct bend over backwards move made.

It's like the reality that the enemies we fight are real people who also have a story and shoot back is imaginary. Sorry, I won't disconnect from reality as to be politically correct. OH and they are called Taliban, not generic enemy #2.

Mr Tretton2996d ago

Again, EA had a choice to use their free speech. They caved in because of market pressure. (aka, having a heart.)