Heavenly Sword GC 07 Trailer HD

Nariko takes the sword in hand and sets out on a quest that is destined to be her last.

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MK_Red4013d ago

This game is beyond heavenly. Lack of gore (T rating) hurts a bit but hopefully with good sales, we can get a M rated sequel. (Like Prince games)

drtysouf214013d ago

trailer so far in my opinion. Man i can't wait to get this game.
I'll be at Walmart at midnight for release of this!

HeartlesskizZ4013d ago

I loved the demo yet the game, its gameplay its the same as cgi(heavenly) but i did not like how she use the enemy as skateboard to slide across the enemys.... thats Dante's move how dare she.

MK_Red4013d ago

Good point. "Goddess May Cry"!? j/k

That was a nice feature of DMC3 and I don't mind seeing it in another great game.

HeartlesskizZ4013d ago

Dante will own her, I mean fell in love with her. he will be like wow
cool moves, she completes me!!!.

Jk: both R great games.

ericnellie4013d ago

I love her and she's mine, mine,!
Also, I've downloaded the short movies that explain where the sword came from. It's good to have that background information which provides a lot more depth when you finally play the full game;)

timmyp534013d ago

the gore is at a good level(more ppl can enjoy the game). i just downloaded this on my ps3. Very nice.

jwatt4013d ago

Nariko is bad @ss in that trailer, and she looks sexy in your avatar.

Foliage4013d ago

I keep telling myself that I won't watch any more game footage for this game, but I can never stop myself. Waiting is the hardest part.

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The story is too old to be commented.