Harrison Sheds Light On US Plans PS3 DVR and PSP TV

Phil Harrison popped by Brian's chair after the press conference to chat for a second about how it went and a second to ask him about how this news might impact the U.S. Specifically Brian wanted to know if North America had a chance of getting the DVR service for the Playstation 3 or a video download service for the PSP.

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vaan4132d ago

Well it may be a while, as the whole country does not go digital (tv air waves) until feb 09! ...
But the UK is only just starting its switch over so I don't understand Sony delaying it here entirely.

heavymetal3k4132d ago

But there are just a few cities in the US that would support it, thats probly why they will wait till it is more widespread.

techie4132d ago

When you say we're only just switching over - all that means is we havent yet switched OFF analogue. Digital TV is free here and country wide. Every HDTV comes with a Digital tuner that picks up about 80 channels. Can't wait for Play TV :)

ALIEN4132d ago

F!ck this im going to sleep. Good night everyone!

Venom_Blood4132d ago

I was thinking of selling my PSP on ebay but I think ill keep it for

shodown194131d ago


The phucking man!!!