90° - Awesome Halo: Reach Forge Maps for 10/1/10

All of you seemed to have really liked last weeks maps post so we thought we would turn it into a weekly thing! This week we have seven more very awesome maps from MLG style arenas to remakes to just plain awesome. Check them out below!

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RonyDean2461d ago

Awesome love these posts! Can always use more Reach maps.

-Alpha2460d ago

They are scouting the best maps to make into official playlists :D!

Custom games are so fun with these maps, it's amazing how endless the MP is for Halo Reach

Speed-Racer2460d ago

Guardian Small looks pretty interesting for an all out dog fight!

dernkuhn2460d ago

Great collection of maps. I hope these become a regular post for you.

Skadoosh2460d ago

I love FORGE. The amount of insane and creative maps are mindboggling.

Skadoosh2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

LOL. Why the disagree? HAHA I swear you sony fanboys need a life.

Jack-Pyro2460d ago

You can't fight the Phantom of the Disagree

*Organ Music Plays*


a_squirrel2460d ago

lol @ above, he got a disagree!

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The story is too old to be commented.