CoD4 Xbox 360 public beta begins Monday 8/27 at 12:00 PM PDT

You might want to take your extended Labor Day weekend a week early; Activision just issued your modern day marching orders to serve in the Call of Duty 4 beta.

"The general public will be admitted into the beta staring Monday, Aug. 27 at noon PDT."

(Note to N4G: Although this was reported as a follow-up "News Update" in another previously published story titled "CoD4 beta update," the beta launch date and time was not the focus or the initial reason for that story. Therefore, it went unnoticed. The public beta launch date and time IS news for gamers main page material that needs to be known.)

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SuperSaiyan43923d ago

Everyone who has an Xbox 360 and a gold account can get in the beta? Meaning everyone not just the USA?

Havince3923d ago

i really hope so

ANYONE ??????

boodybandit3923d ago

Is that worded right?
I thought it was a private invitation only beta?

boostin13923d ago

ive been playin the beta since last night.

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