MGS4, Crysis and Blu-ray Exclusivity: What It Is Good For?

When a flame war erupts, the exaggerated fanboy smack talk almost always boils down to, "My system has (or will have) better games than yours." It's the end-all argument. It doesn't matter how fancy your Wiimote is, how many polygons you can render at once, or whether or not you can play Blu-ray discs. The games are what matter. Unfortunately for the diehard fanboys, their precious exclusives tend to do more flopping about than a trout caught in a bear's claw.

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HeartlesskizZ3954d ago

I was having this devate with my sister and we came to the
conclusion that MGS4 should stay where it was bourn, also I dont see
how is Snake going to play in the 360 with a sixasix to control the robot.

madmike3953d ago

it started out on nintendos console and so did final fantasy and yes i own a ps3 xbox360 but not a wii

Loudninja3954d ago

Always have to keep bringing it up.

SWORDF1SH3953d ago

did anybody else find this article a piece of bs. exclusive titles are good for the games industry as well as the consoles there on. as long as a console as a better game on their system the others are gonna try and compete against it. competion drive the standard of gaming up. but what i dont like is console bashin. thats jus gettin boring now.

ALIEN3954d ago

All i have to say is this.

"Metal Gear Solid 4, for example, is definitely a PS3 exclusive. Everyone, including both SCEA President Jack Tretton and Hideo Kojima himself, has said so. So why are rumors flitting about that MGS 4 will appear on the 360? Will Sony get a "timed" exclusive, with the 360 version being released a few months after the PS3 version? Will Microsoft fork out $100 gazillion for it? Do we care?"

Have great night.


aww, told you crysis isnt something so great that pc fans said it couldnt come to ps3, we already had things on ps3 that made that piece a trash look bad anyway, and now killzone and gt5, aww too bad

Aizen Sama

DrPirate3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Most Pointless article ever..

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The story is too old to be commented.