PSP Slim's Release Date, Price And New Bundles/Colours For Europe

As was first announced during Sony's GC07 conference address, SCEE will be releasing the PSP Slim on September 5, and it will retail for €169. Also announced were two bundle deals for the handheld, which differ from the US packs and will be available only in the European market.

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larry0074108d ago

i will be getting this for sure

djt234108d ago

wow it just little bit lighter than phat psp

Shaka2K64108d ago

1st day purchase for me. cant wait the best portable gaming system of all time gets even better.

Armyless4108d ago

Go!Explore or
Play TV ??

doshey4108d ago

idk i think u can use the old psp cuz the new psp has no real hardware change