Halo 3 Vs. BioShock

Has Master Chief been pwned at his own game?

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MK_Red4133d ago

Well, so far BioShock has been the winner of E3s (06 and 07) and its reviews have placed it near Zelda OoT and higher than both Halo 1 & 2. Halo 3's advantage is in multiplayer.

MastaGT4133d ago

It has surpassed Zelda, Bioshock is by far the champ, and down right funner and better than zelda will ever be. Halo 3 vs Bioshock...hmm that's just stupid, I smell fanboy stirring up. Both games are to the same platform, that's just reallly retarded to go head to head, no matter what, I will have both games in the end, and I will live on to be a happy gamer, sony fanboys can go suc*k it!

DruePhoenix4133d ago

without Multiplayer, Bioshock is beautiful, but unlike say... Half-Life 1, just isnt... revolutionary enough to be one of the best through single player alone

it's great, yes, but Halo's scale, story, and multiplayer aspects should end up giving it more points in the end

Zhuk4133d ago

I think its wrong to compare the two, they are quite different in many respects. I do know as much as I will play Bioshock, i'll end up putting more hours into Halo 3

MK_Red4133d ago

That's mostly because of Halo 3's multiplayer and for non-multiplaying gamers like me, BioShock takes the most hours.

toughNAME4133d ago

on longevity alone Halo takes it

Bioshock will be the better reviewed game of course

but ... from what iv played in Bioshock (just killed Ryan) i do not think it will beat the king

Bioshock > Gears?
i like that comparison better

MK_Red4133d ago

I hope someone posts a BioShock Vs System Shock 2 comparison, that would be way hotter and accurate.

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The story is too old to be commented.