SCEA angers peripheral maker for implying their controller will explode

Sunflex, a peripheral maker who prides itself on high quality peripherals is understandably and visibly angered by Sony's recent comments.

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Seijoru2759d ago

Well thats what they get for having controllers that explode and not paying Sony their licensing fees.

NewsForMe2759d ago

Please, somebody take one for the team here. Pack a little C4 into one of these controllers and blow your hands off.

JustSomeLogic2759d ago

And the Sonynites on this site would still find a way to paint Sony in a good light and probably claim the world had it coming anyway

moparful992759d ago

Let me guess you support all of those hackers that have hacke the ps3 and are attempting to make a profit off of their blatant and felonious breaching of the EULA right? Get bent..

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The story is too old to be commented.