American Sales: 360 outsells PS3, Madden 08 sells 1.6 Million units led by 360 version

The Wii, Xbox, GC and PSP versions of Madden 08 – combined - accounted for fewer than 10% of the 1.6 million units sold while 360 version sold them most and 4 times the PS3 version.

-- 8/18 ---- 8/11 ------ Net Change
NDS 131,930 / 126,277 / +3%
Wii 89,280 / 86,469 / +4%
360 59,118 / 52,484 / +13%
PSP 53,206 / 55,160 / -4%
PS3 47,928 / 41,499 / +15%

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xaphanze3952d ago

even though 360 outsold ps3,the ps3 is still selling pretty well.
lets see with those exclusives coming up

ArduousAndy3952d ago

agree with your comment even though the 360 outsold. The ps3 is still up there.

However these numbers are from VGchartz which usually means they are wrong.

larry0073952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

CONCLUSION:- ps3 beats x360 in worldwide sales for the week ending 18th august by 12000 units

ps3 has sold 4.6 m units till date according to GFK

1.5 million in EU

1.8 million in USA
and 1.3 million in JAPAN

that makes it 4.6 million

ps3 is trailing x360 by 4.8 million consoles not 8 million as some of you said

x360 has sold 6m consoles in NA

x360 has sold 3m in EU

and 400k in JAPAN

total for x360 = 9.4million

FreedomReign3951d ago

They should just call that site,
They're NEVER right. Just wait for NPD.

SILV3R_3951d ago

@FreedomReign Don't understand why would someone disagree to your comment?

I guess that user was hurt

Panthers3951d ago

I thought VGChartz was pretty accurate at the US numbers. I looked at NexGenWars and those numbers are way messed up. They say the Wii is about a million behind the Xbox (which isnt true).

I guess we have to wait for the real number to come out to see for sure.

TexasJock663951d ago

2 of those exclusives (Lair and Warhawk)are only receiving fair to poor reviews. Hopefully the future exclusives are better

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MK_Red3952d ago

Looks like the Madden/Price-cut/BioShock effect has done it's job. Still, Wii outsold them (PS3 & 360) both :(

poet2153952d ago

I understand that the times have really changed for gamers, but all over this site & others, all I see is talk of sales numbers. Consoles sold, games sold.....does anyone just play the games anymore? Playing video games was better overall, when it was considered a kiddie or geeky thing to do. Gaming is almost too commercial now. Concerns over who sells more than who...what developer signs exclusive rights to who.....this is almost worse than the music industry is now. (primarily hip-hop) Things should be simple again. Developers should go back to creating good games simply out of the love for the craft. Us folks should just continue to buy what we like & not pray for the competition to fail.

Says you3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

XBox 360 MK_Red because it doesnt say that any where.

ReBurn3952d ago

It says "led by 360 version." Led by. That's the truth.

MK_Red3952d ago

Reburn, thanks for your help :)

ReBurn3952d ago

From here on out things are going to be looking better for both PS3 and 360. Both have great lineups this holiday season that will push sales forward.

MK_Red3952d ago

Excellent comment. Bubbles for you.

Both PS3 and 360 are getting their best with 360 getting BioShock, Halo3, Mass Effect and PS3 getting Heavenly Sword, Lair, Warhawk and both enjoying COD4, Assassins Creed, Rock Band and more. :)

ElementX3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I've said both consoles have good games coming numerous times, where are my bubbles? Honestly, share the love ;)

BTW Lair isn't getting very good reviews. It's the Perfect Dark Zero of the PS3. Sure it might be fun, but the reviews suck

Thursday3951d ago

These are indeed exciting times for all true gamers. If you don't care about who created what systems, and care about actual gaming, then you really do need to own both the 360 and the PS3.

It is also great that the two systems are looking as good as they are, since they adds some well needed (and really unpresidented) competition on the console market. Prices go down, and no producer can survive on hype alone, the actual product needs to deliver.

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djt233952d ago

wii and ds lite ver of madden sell more than ps3 and xbox 360