007: Activision Announce Next-Gen Bond Game

This Gameplayer news article runs through the details on today's announcement of a next-generation James Bond game.

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MK_Red4136d ago

It's funny that Activision makes most of games based on Sony movies. Spiderman 3 and Bond should have been SCEA games but hey, this way, part of the sales of Bond 22 game on both 360 and PS3 go to Sony.

BIadestarX4136d ago

That's because the actually content or story it's not owned by Sony... as many Sony fans believe... instead it's only license to Sony to certain extend... For example... Sony is the studio behind Spiderman.... but Sony got nothing to do with the video games, and other stuff... Sony have 0 Saying when it comes to the games and these IPs...

ALIEN4136d ago

I remember when i used to play JAMES BOND 64 on NINTENDO 64 back in the day, that game was amazing. JAMES BOND on N64 was the [email protected]

HeartlesskizZ4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

00764 made it to guiness book of records(if spell like that) since then
all 007 were bad specially in 3rd person view.

daveman34136d ago

if activision and treyarch make this game, it's sure to suck

SlappingOysters4136d ago

if? they are! and i agree. it won't suck... but it will not be good

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