MGS4: The Beauty and the beast GC trailer

Gametrailers have post some of Snake's deadliest new foes he'll be encountering in MGS4.

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HeartlesskizZ3958d ago

Finally Snake will have more enemys let alone the metal gears

Omegasyde3958d ago

Snake looks like hes F***ed.

Hopefully there is an option to run and use nuclear warheads instead.

Not only will this be the best MGS, but perhaps the hardest?

Satanas3958d ago

PSYCHO MANTIS!!!! (Now known as Screaming Mantis.)

HeartlesskizZ3958d ago

OMG i love those Cybor voices. and the stupid soldiers realise is a beast after 2 minutes of shooting. haha funny

Foliage3958d ago

Satanas: I was thinking the same exact thing.

akaFullMetal3958d ago

yea some of the enemies look cool, cant wait for this to come out

gEnKiE3958d ago

holy sh**!!!! that trailer creeps ya out just a bit...

TruthBTold3958d ago

This doesn't seem like a game, it feels more like a playable movie, sick. I can't wait!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.