Halo 3 Single Player Montage from IGN

IGN just put up a series of clips to make a Single Player Montage, which turned out a lot better than their last Halo 3 Campaign Video. It looks great, check it out!

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GoLeafsGo3925d ago

Embedding videos is OPTIONAL.
Don't keep a news post waiting just because you're too lazy to perform a click.

PS360PCROCKS3925d ago

Halo 2 HD my ass, this looks really good and I like the disparity in the levels.

MasterChief28293925d ago

I chose not to embed it because IGN's embed videos are really small and low-res, just click the link it will send you strait to the HQ Stream.

tomfoolery3925d ago

The graphics are superb and the gameplay looks silky smooth.
Poor ps3 girls.

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The story is too old to be commented.