The Hardest Bosses Of All Time: Final Part

Mortal Kombat Villains, God of War II's Sisters of Fate and Satan himself are in the GamerHelp's Hardest Bosses Of All Time part 3 of 3.

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djt234136d ago

Takeshi's Challenge: This dude is evil Takeshi Kitano
The reason why this final boss makes our list is simple: the player had to strike Mr. Kitano over 20 thousand times in order to complete the game.

20 thousand are you f kiddy
in the middle of battle i will throw out my game and start [email protected]%! on it

MK_Red4136d ago

That's why he calls himslef "BEAT Takashi" in movies :)

MK_Red4136d ago

Finally, they added Mortal Kombat bosses but why on earth MK:Shaolin Monks!?? That's the easiest MK game. They should have added MK1's Goro or MK2's Kintaro.

syko884135d ago

while the mk1 & 2 bosses were tough i found the trio in shaolin monks probably the hardest mortal kombat bosses i've fought. shao kahns little spinning hammer was tough until you got in a rhythm to avoid it. and i must say the fatality you get to use on Kintaro is sweet.

BBsin4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Sister of Fate - Sisters of fate was not hard at all... cool battle, but rather easy. I knew GOW2 was going to be way too easy for me (after seeing how easy GOW1 was) so i made sure i had it on Hard mode the first time i played it, and the sisters still was very easy.

Guildenstern - Guildenstern wasn't too difficult either, i think those f*&king random arch liches at the undergound optional dungeons were much more difficult (one magic spell and its game over) and they weren't even bosses. The most difficult boss in vagrant story is either Asura (iron maiden dungeon) or death and zombie ogre (time trials)

Alma - Alma is a joke compared to Nicchae and Ishtaros in mission mode (or the entire military part for that matter), but Alma gets pretty tough when shes awakened during hard mode. Normal mode isn't too tough.

MK_Red4136d ago

Completely agreed. Sisters of Fate were one of the easier boss battles and I deafeted them in my 2nd try. That's from someone who isn't that good in GOW and Ninja Gaiden games.
More DMC1 & DMC3 bosses should have been there.

Torch4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

I agree. I don't remember it being difficult, although I do remember that it took me a damn long time to figure out how to kill them. Just kept swinging back-and-forth for what seemed like an eternity without inflicting any significant damage.

What did find to be a biatch-and-a-half, was big that big, giant, blubbery sister of Medusa.

Hee hee, my poor, twelve-year-old cousin is STILL stuck at that part...I'm talking since the game's release back in March.

Poor kid. Must've really scarred him, because last week, he went out and bought a 360 instead. ;)

Dark_Overlord4136d ago

Contra or maybe even the Rtype games, the bosses on them were b******s to beat

PlayStation3604136d ago

that Yiazmat belongs in there (no doubt about it). But Sisters of Fate (GoW2)? I believe the second battle of Ares (when you fight clones of Kratos) on God mode should have been there instead. Not going to comment on the other games since I never played them.

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The story is too old to be commented.