Latest Famitsu Review Scores, Bladestorm: Hundred Years War is Good!

Here are the latest Famitsu review scores, suprisingly Bladestorm received a good score!

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MK_Red3770d ago

I now graphics are not everything but for a PS3/360 game to look like PS2, 33/40 is way too high and the gameplay looks exactly like other Koei Warriors games so 2/40 for me.

cooke153770d ago

lol, yeah I have no interest in those boring hack and slash games.

Like a shadow I am3770d ago

it's a multiplatform game, with simultaneous release on both PS3 and Xbox 360.


simultaneous or not, this is Japanese Gaming... Do you really expect someone to care about 360?

Loudninja3770d ago

Sorry, Bladestrom is fun, and I will be getting it.

GoLeafsGo3770d ago

I tried the demo..and..not my cup of tea.

Like I've said all week long regarding reviews, I'll form my own opinion of games =p
..and Bladestorm gets a 24, at best.

Genki3770d ago

having no effect on my stance. I was actually pretty happy when I heard this got postponed indefinitely...guess it finally came to fruition.

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The story is too old to be commented.