Whispers From Sony About a July Surprise

Bill Clinton had Super Tuesday, the Russians Stalingrad. Will Sony's turning point be July 2007?

Each month, the market research firm NPD indulges video game industry junkies and Wall Street investors with updated domestic sales figures for video game consoles. Those figures are due out on Thursday, and Sony is acting as if it's poised for some very welcome news.

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Like a shadow I am4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

PS3 outsold Wii in July? LOL.

Of course PS3 would outsold Xbox 360 in July. That's just right AFTER Microsoft had admitted the $1-billion Xbox 360 quality problem *and* PS3 has a $100 price cut *and* Sony had a good show at E3,... but right BEFORE Xbox 360 had a worldwide price cut and Madden + BioShock came out. If PS3 did not outsell 360 July with all those good news in July, then Sony would be in really really serious trouble.

PS3 outselling 360 in July would NOT be a surprise. If 360 outsold PS3 in July, that would be a real surprise.

nasim4129d ago

MADDEN is a hit

BUT based on preliminary sales data BIOSHOCK is a huge flop.

ps3 outsold x360 in JULY

in AUGUST it would outsell x360 all around the world and trail x360 by a few 1000 units in NA

ps3 wins

snoop_dizzle4129d ago

you should be proud of yourself.

103 ignores?

Wow and your fairly new.


I wont ignore you though.

Ri0tSquad4129d ago

and im not fanboy but i guess thats what happens when u speak your opinion.

Omegasyde4129d ago

the end of august and a report of July coming out this late?

Who cares? P.S. Bioshock is a great game and It did much better than expected. In fact, I bet 2k is working on either a ps3 version or Bioshock 2.

uxo224129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Man where do you get the sh!t that you talk from, it must be cheap and plentiful. All preliminary sales figure show BIOSHOCK to be a future mega-hit. As a matter of fact, some analyst think that halo3, Too Human, and Gears may be the only 360 titles to out sell it.

Also, based on the numbers found on your beloved vgcharts, madden for the 360 has already sold 800,000 plus copy already. ( and that's just in the US) Oh, and just using AMAZON as a sampling, since madden and bioshocks release, and preorders started, both the 360 pro and elite has consistantly stayed in the top 25. I'd say some systems are being moved because of these titles.

Nasim, you seem to be the only person on this site that appears to say things only to annoy people. And most of the things you quote, you dream them up yourself. It's time to put you in time out and increase your ignore record to 104.

Edit: @Vavoom, you are 100% correct they did say Mass Effect and not Too Human, I stand corrected. Bubbles 4U.

eLiNeS4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Anyway, @nasim (who by the way is ignored) Does this look like BioShock was a flop? To me it looks to be owning the world right now!!!

And as you can see from the Bestsellers list, there are many consoles being sold with 2 separate SKUs on the first page, out selling the PS3 by two fold and another 2 consoles in the top 100 making a total of 4 SKUs in the Top 100 on amazon.coms Best sellers list. So, I don't see much flopping but Fony and their fandroids squirming for an answer.

pilotpistolpete4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Call me stupid, but how the hell do you ignore someone?

aha, make that 104 ignores

Vavoom4129d ago

I saw that same show, however I think they said Mass Effect, not too human. :)

Amplifier4129d ago


As much as you are ignorant, you don't even make a comprehensive point!

Bioshock in the majority of this state(Oklahoma) which isn't big for anything is sold out in the majority of major retailers until Thursday or Friday.

Bioshock is a piece gaming art that is a rarity amongst all the other junk that gets shoved out most publishers doors, don't hate on the fact that you can't and proably won't be enjoying this for a long while.


PS - Playstation 3's numbers for July will be nice and all but we really need to get some games which hopefully with continue to fill up throughout the rest of this year and hopefully beyond.

ArmrdChaos4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Vavoom, there is in Ignore link under that individuals picture that you wish to it and whalah.

I think it would be nice if the admins created some kind of ignore watermark. That way once that magic number was reached the a$$bag in question would get their account shut down (BY IP).

To Nasim...your like a little kid that sits in the corner beating on pots and pans while the adults are trying to have a conversation. You are nothing more than background noise which serves no purpose and has no value. Maybe the admins around here will wise up and give you a good ole timeout.

USMChardcharger4128d ago

i must have this larry guy already ignored because i don't see this larry guy's comments that you all are referring to.

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kr0n0s1874129d ago

I think were in august now....

jcgamer4129d ago

yeah...uhhh...yeah...too funny

KingME4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

This story is once again another way to say the same damn thing that we have already heard. What rock has Sony been hiding under, why do they think July numbers (Numbers from the month they did their price drop.) would be a surprise to anyone.

Are they saying that they were surprised that they could pull it off, cause if so, they're the only ones. Sony likes to hear themselves talk way too much, then again so do their fanboys.

Edit: I don't even think the Wii should be considered comparable to the PS3 and the 360. To be honest with you, the only thing the wii has in common with the other two is the fact that it's a new console. Target audience for the wii completely different, a good example of this is to compare sales and usage of titles that are released for all three systems. What are to sales figures for the wii on games like madden 08. As a matter a fact a lot of the games that are release on the PS3 and 360 are not released at all on the wii. Hmmmm why is that?

Not trying to down the wii, just think its a different animal. Please take no offense.

WaggleLOL4129d ago

Awwm, look everyone KingME is crying those bitter fanboy tears.

Cry, baby, cry.

snoop_dizzle4129d ago

i think nasim could also be wagglelol or at least brothers.

And dude btw your overconfrontationalism(i don't know if that word exists yet) showing your very insecure in yourself.

Its sad really sad i must say.

KingME4129d ago

Honestly man, Im not crying, I'm just stating what I think is obvious. I really don't care how the systems sell. I have both consoles, will be getting a wii when I can actually find one.

I just think Sony tends to talk too much. I guess if I have any hate for them it would be because they screwed me over on the warranty of a vaio laptop I once had. As for the PS3, I love the console. It's all good.

oohWii4129d ago

I never really looked at it that way, I guess your point does have some validity.

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Demon19804129d ago

I think some of you guys should read the story.

jcgamer4129d ago

NPD data out tommorrow right...

Raptors4129d ago

LOL Bubble for you for the only one having some common sense. On a side note, I'm not sure how the 360 price cut would fair for Aug but it should be interesting to see who takes August. September and October is a no brainer as Halo 3 drops and the 360 will have its lead back over the ps3. Man oh man, those wii's keep selling like hot cakes. Can't believe that ppl are still buying into the hype...

nasim4129d ago

ps3 has outsold x360 in JULY too

and not only that it has has been outselling poor x360 all over EU and JAPAN ever since its launch

poor MS and x360

jcgamer4129d ago

it's not just 360 and PS3, of course...any thoughts on them?

Loudninja4129d ago

Look in the link sometime

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