3D Blu-ray Player By Mitsubishi In Early 2008

Mitsubishi apparently has a Blu-ray player in its labs that can convert existing 2D movies into 3D on the fly. Better yet, according to company reps, it may be available early next year.

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MK_Red4136d ago

WTH does that mean? 2D movie to 3D!? If true this could be a riot!

HeartlesskizZ4136d ago

im not sure how this will work but I would be surprise if they do same
with 2d games.

MK_Red4136d ago

Awesome idea! Bubbles for superb idea. PS3's Mortal Kombat 2 3D!! I'd kill for that.

HeartlesskizZ4136d ago

yes that game and metal slug came to my mind.

nasim4136d ago

poor consumers who were duped to buy HD DVD movies.

MS should be sued for this.

I feel bad for HD DVD add on owners who are confined to just watching movies on INFERIOR HD DVD FORMAT

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HeartlesskizZ4136d ago

hahaha funny one, I was not specting those =)

Tsukasah4136d ago

Im not sure if this is the 3D thing i've heard of, but what i did hear about the 3D player; It is kinda like a holographic projection, floats in mid-air O_o i'm not su5re though, but if it is, this could definitally be one of hte greatest technological achievements in history.... Mostly because you're not using those cardboard glasses that hurt your eyes when seeing something not made for them =(

Armyless4136d ago

until then, give me LBP in 2D and I'll be a happy, happy man.

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The story is too old to be commented.