"More graphically impressive games than ever on their way to PS3" - Textures require only two SPEs

President and founder of Allegorithmic shares his views on PS3 graphics. According to him, "Gamers will be seeing more graphically impressive games than ever" with the new ProfX. He further states that "A very cool side effect of the PS3's architecture is that ProFX should be able to continuously stream textures -- using one or two SPUs to compute the textures to be given to the GPU to be displayed, that's a huge bonus for adding rich content to games without having to stream that content from the BluRay or overloading the sole GPU of the machine."

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hotshot12374079d ago

there will be a live stickcam show talkin about ps3 vs. 360
and you can ask questions on spot. and 9 oclock for people on east coast and 6 oclock for people on west ps3 podcast comin on at 6 oclock western and 9 oclock easter time
you can ask w/e questions during the show

Wii60_FTW4079d ago

I love how hot this story has gotten already. U ps3 zombies worried about something? lol.

kevin11224079d ago

you are a hypocrite, a trolling zombie. tell me, what are you afraid of since you come in here.

Takumi864079d ago

i don't have to read this killzone 2 is enough evidence that PS3 is powerful machine

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Thank you! Bubblz :D

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the industry forums seem to be overrun with pre-pubescent loudmouths. Relax, we're the ones spending money, we rule this roost. (hehehe even if we disagree on consoles)

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mikeslemonade4079d ago

He wrote that title to show the blind xflops like you that the PS3 is the real deal. Coventional hardware has never worked in gaming from dreamcast, to gamecube, and to xbox. Even Wii has trouble, but luckly Nintendo made a system that sells itself.

CaliGamer4078d ago

You have changed titles of articles too, but yours never got approved so it just seems like sour grapes that you didn't get away with it and he did.

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Ri0tSquad4079d ago

will they play as good as they look? Hope so!

KeMoBLUE4079d ago

c'mon the launch titles were on par with 360 games that released around that time.

Ri0tSquad4079d ago

Could only imagine how much better there going to look 2 years from now.

marionz4079d ago

all this ps3 graphics are the best bs is getting old, open you eyes people!
what is the core thing that the ps3 is lacking in order to run all the god like features of the cell? ram
its like a v8 in a dump truck